Humble Bundles are now awesome again


On the other hand, my Steam library is closing in on 3000 titles and there have been probably two months I didn’t feel I got my money’s worth. Kind of expecting this month to be another as I’m not too excited for XCOM 2 and figure the “others” won’t be as good with such a blockbuster reveal. There have also been some unexpected surprises (Talos Principle, Volume, and The Magic Circle come to mind) that I likely wouldn’t have checked out otherwise, so unless we get a few really bad months in a row I’m in it for the long haul.


That’s me as well - I’ve been in from the beginning, and Steam says I have almost 2200 games right now, but I still get more value from Humble Monthlies than I do from pretty much any other bundle or sale.


Holy crap. Someone make a poll thread.


Yeah, I was a bit blown away though I thought it would be gauche to say so. I told someone I know that I have over 700 games on Steam and got a slack jawed response.


I thought I had a lot with 346


Bundles, man. Bundles. I’m just a little above WarpRattler, and I can tell you it’s mostly from bundles. Though I do buy my fair share of individual games, too.


I’d like to sign up just to get Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (and XCOM 2 of course) but I guess once this month’s bundle is released it’s too late to sign up, right?


Once the bundle has been released, it’s too late to sign up for it. So you missed the January bundle with Legend of Heroes. XCOM 2 is part of February’s bundle, which hasn’t been released yet.


They’re really selling this month’s Humble Monthly harder than ever before. I’m regularly getting emails from them every few days reminding me that I could get XCOM 2 for only $12! And it’s mine to keep forever, even if I cancel the monthly bundle right after that.

Makes sense. It’s a pretty great get for them. They should be pushing this hard. It really should be the best selling Humble Monthly ever.


Just wait, the rest of the games will be shit.


I’m entirely prepared for this, but at least X-Com 2 was a game my son was wanting.


It shouldn’t matter in this bundle though. If you’re getting it for XCOM 2 alone, it’s a great price. Plus if you pop into the XCOM 2 thread, the Long War 2 mod just came out and Qt3 loves it.

For me it’s still a bad deal because of my moratorium on strategy games until 2025. By the time I can play strategy games again that year, I’m sure XCOM 2 will be $12 or less, so it makes no sense for me to buy it and sit on it until then.


Rock8man, I can see why you might want to cut down on open ended strategy games that are meant to be played repeatedly, but getting XCOM 2 for just 1 play through will only set you back maybe 40-60 hours. It’s plenty worth it just to play it once.


Well I am not sure if they should be pushing this hard, because the annoyance of that daily XCOM2 spam made me unsubscribe from their mailings.
Didn’t expect Humble to turn back to Indiegala levels of immaturity.


Heh. If I’m going to break the moratorium on strategy games early, I’d probably try to play a game of the original XCOM first and finally finish a game. I tried about 6 or 7 times I think on Normal Ironman, and the last time I got pretty far into the campaign before getting wiped out. Or it would be on Massive Chalice, which I kickstarted. That’s waiting for me in 2025 as well. Same with Civilization 6 perhaps. Or the new MOO. There’s no lack of choices. 2025 will be a busy year!


can you gift certain games from the monthly bundle?


Yes. Last month there was one game that didn’t have a separate code. Otherwise, you can give them away.


I don’t know if anyone even knew about this here, but Robert Bowling, who helped build the Humble Monthly sub service, (and used to be the CM at Infinity Ward back in the pre-split Call of Duty days) was trying to start another service called GamePump. It would give subscribers classic games in bundles.

It’s dead.

We have been working on GamePump for nearly a year and during that time we have been negotiating with nearly every major publisher in the world on rereleasing their back catalogs which currently do not appear on modern OS or PC marketplaces.

Over the course of these negotiations, some big games fell out, and several catalog’s our lawyers were working on getting out of the graveyard of bankruptcy did not work out in our legal favor (meaning we weren’t granted rights to commercially rerelease them).

By the end, we had a few great games we could republish to Steam, but when I evaluated the final slate of games that our subscribers would be getting, I felt we were not living up to the standard I had for the service.[/quote]


I signed up (and possibly pimped it briefly here) because I liked their mission statement, so pretty disappointed. To their credit, they handled it not working out extremely well and garnered some extra goodwill from me for anything that pops up in the future.


I would just as soon have efforts like this just add games to GOG/Steam for individual sale rather than any sort of blind buy subscription plan anyway.