Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Decided to pick up x-com 2. Buy the humble and … “Keys are temporarily exhausted for this game”.


I wonder how they are gonna top XCOM2 next month? Or suffer the massive unsubscribe.


Will we know what’s the next game before the first month expires?


As soon as this bundle is released, they’ll show the keynote game for the next bundle and offer the option to pick it up early.


I just saw a PAUSE option is available, so I did that till I know whats in the March bundle for sure.


That reminds me to cancel my subscription. Which warns that I won’t have access to the special Humble Trove of games. I have never heard anything about a “Trove” and couldn’t find any such thing so that’s weird.


You bought on the same day all the subscribers were charged and their keys went out. By today (Monday) I expect they should have more keys and you’ll be good to go.


Yeah, I got my key successfully on Friday just a few hours after that temporary exhausted message.


X-Com 1 is free right now.


Pick it up so you have the files needed for OpenXcom


New Bandai Namco bundle is up.


Pac-Man 256
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition

BTA (currently ~$6.50)

Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade
Project Cars
Naruto Shippuden 3: Stuff
more to come


Tales of Zesteria
Project Cars DLC Bundle


Little Nightmares (preorder)[/details]

Worth going in at $15 if you were looking to pick up Zesteria. Enslaved alone was easily worth the $1 tier.


Which Tales game is Zesteria? Is that the one that came out during the 360 era? Or is it the one after that which came out in the PS4 era?


The latter, and the second most recent with Berseria’s release last week. Vesperia was the game that’s a 360 exclusive in the west.


2 hours left for the current monthly bundle!


Awww man, you’re trying to tempt me into getting XCOM 2. You’re like those daily Humble emails!


All the cool kids are doing it! Plus me too.


Cmon @Rock8man you know it makes sense.


First one’s free (after a $12 fee) and you can stop anytime you like … ;)


Nice bundle!

Xcom 2
Steamworld Heist
Ohklos (sp?)
Project Highrise
plus: Husk, Oh Deer (could have sworn I’ve seen this game somewhere else), and a “sneak peek” of Hollow Knight.


Wow. Total War: Warhammer for the next month. Looks like I have to unpause the sub.