Humble Bundles are now awesome again



Also excited about Project Highrise.


Wow, that is nice. I wish I hadn’t bought XCom2 already. Would have liked to get Steamworld Heist and Project Highrise. RYSE may have been worth a look too.

Total War Warhammer is quite a surprise for next month. Unfortunately I already bought that too.


Wow, I should have listened to you guys. That is an amazing bundle, full of games on my wishlist. Even without XCOM 2 that would have been worth it.


One of the odd things about keeping the HMB up is that I have almost completely stopped buying PC games otherwise, too afraid of dupes. Then when I paused it because I already bought Grim Dawn, they had a great bundle of stuff. Dammit.


In again for Warhammer. I’m starting to see the wisdom in their business model!


Pleasantly surprised at how good this bundle was; I was expecting a dud with that kind of headliner but everything I’ve heard of I’m interested in.


OMG I am so happy right now.


I do much the same. I recently grabbed a few during the last sale, and now I’m kicking myself because they were included with this bundle, but it was still worth the $12.


I didn’t even know Ryse came out on anything but XB1 but I’m really happy just for steamworld Heist and Azbu.


This is great bundle, probably the best yet. Well done everyone at humblebundle.


Yeah that turned out pretty well. Maybe I’ll stick with this mystery bundle business.


Great bundle, but my big backlog hurt me: I already have Abzu, Ryse, Xcom 2 (gave that away beforehand), and Steamworld Heist…


my first monthly bundle and a whole bunch of things I legit wanted. bonkers.


Amazing bundle! So happy I got it. Project Highrise was great at PAX and I just hadn’t gotten around to buying it yet. Ryse, Abzu, and others are the icing on the cake :D


Most impressive bundle, seriously XCOM2 for $12 was enough, then they go and toss in a ton of other great games. It makes it hard to want to buy anything anymore, as I think in the back of my head, but what if it is in a bundle soon?

I am accepting trade offers for my spare keys of RYSE and Steamworld Heist. Both are great games. PM me if interested.


This was my third straight bundle opting in. I thought after Dragon’s Dogma, Warhammer : Vermintide and XCOM 2 that there was no way there would be a 4th preview game worth $12 on it’s own.

I could not have been more wrong.

So amazingly happy I did not pull the trigger on Total War : Warhammer over the holidays. I’ve wanted it for a long while now, but had neither time to play nor inclination to pay $30+. Then over the holidays it was down below $30 in a couple of sales and I was sorely tempted. Now I’m going to get it for $12. Hell yes.

Humble Monthly has certainly upped their game since it started. Four high quality bundles in a row now, and they’ve locked me in as a subscriber for four straight months. Impressive!


Damn, I’m really happy with this Bundle, XCom2, Ryse, Steamworld Heist, Project Highrise. All on my wishlist.

I think I’ll stick around for Total War Warhammer too.


I checked and Total Warhammer lowest price was $39.

Humble Bundle is already kicking arse next month.

This month’s Project Highrise reminds me of Sim Tower, many days of my youth lost to that game.


I accidentally renewed this month, but I was planning on buying Steamworld Heist anyway. TW:W has been on my short list for quite a while, so I guess I’ll keep it going.


Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to own it any time soon. I am so, so, soooo jazzed.