Humble Bundles are now awesome again


What a great bundle! XCOM 2 is naturally great, and I have been meaning to buy Abzu since release. Project Highrise looks very cool also, and Ryse was something I wanted to waste an hour or two on one of these days.


RYSE is like 4-5 hours long to finish. :)

I enjoyed it.


I wonder how they are making this work. Assuming the headliner gets half the proceeds of the month (ignoring Humble’s own fees and such) are the publishers really okay selling these recent AAA titles for $6 a pop?

I guess there’s hope for DLC sales. It didn’t work on me for Xcom, but the Warhammer ones are a bit more attractive (if pricy)


Abzu went on sale today on Steam. I’m sure that isn’t a coincidence. My hunch is the devs are willing to use however many bundle sales occur as a loss leader to get their game out there and sell copies to people who had never heard of it until their friend got it in this bundle, or those who have non-buyer’s remorse. None of these games are exactly new either so we’re getting out into the long tail of minimal units moving.


I like to think that Humble Bundle is run by a secret side division of the underpants gnomes. :)


This is actually one of the “youngest” Monthly Bundles they’ve done yet, in that only one of the included games is more than a year old. There are usually 2-4 such games in a typical monthly.


TW: Warhammer?! That’s insane. I thought XCOM2 was ‘the limit’ of what we’d get… I have so many games unplayed, but I seriously might drop in early for that. March is suddenly a long way off.


I jumped in for XCOM2 and I’m very happy to get Steamworld Heist too. I almost bought that in a recent sale. The other games look interesting too but I guess they go on the pile.


Yeah, as everyone else has said, this is the best month by a large margin (4 games I wanted), and next month is looking even crazier. XCOM 2 had at least been marked down substantially before showing up, but TW: Warhammer has been on my wishlist since it launched, and I was ready to buy it if it had dropped even to $30 in the winter sale, but it stayed at $45.


TW: Warhammer for $12? No hesitation at all.


The latest monthly bundles have been awesome! Both TW: Warhammer and X-Com 2 made my jaw drop, great hooks to convince a subscription.


A version was released on Vita through PlayStation Mobile right before the platform was discontinued. I have it on there.


Nice bundle; I didn’t have any of those games yet.

And downloading TW: Wahammer now. Humble Bundle couldn’t take my money fast enough.


I don’t really regret skipping out on XCOM bundle. Nothing else in the list really does it for me. I think I’m going to jump on the Warhammer bundle though. For $12 anything else decent would just be gravy.


Knocking it out again!

$1 gets you:
Knights of the Old Republic
X-Wing Alliance
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

Star Wars Battlefront II
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast™
Star Wars Starfighter
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Rebel Assault I & II

The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
The Force Unleashed II
Rogue Squadron 3D
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars Empire At War: Gold Pack


It’s like they reversed the tiers. I would’ve liked to try TFU for a dollar. I heard it was pretty bad.

Bleh, never mind. After a quick reminder of the reviews, it seems like a waste of time.


We play X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Battlefront 2 multiplayer fairly regularly, and it’s so much fun, so get the Humble Bundle if you’d like to join us!


I’m tempted to go $35 just for the shirt. I have most of the games already.


I’m with Tim. What an inverted bundle.

Also a reminder that there’s not be a very good Star Wars game in a very long time.


TFU 2 is pretty bad. The first game is a gorgeous Dark Side power fantasy with really cool levels and plenty of havoc wreaking. Yes, some of the enemies block some of your powers but you generally have some interesting way to dispose of them and there would be zero challenge to the game if you could just ragdoll everything the way you can basic stormtroopers. The story is extremely basic, though, just a way of moving you from point A to B and not at all the selling point it was made out to be.

It’s not a must play but it can be very entertaining.