Humble Bundles are now awesome again


I got some of that in JO and JA, and the first game is longer. If someone wants to gift me a key then I’ll post impressions, but it might be a few months.


I mean, the Jedi Knight games do give some of that feel but the tech in Force Unleashed is much newer and more sophisticated, and they really exaggerated the physics in comparison.


Oh wow. That’s the game that came out on the N64 right? In retrospect, it was a pretty mediocre game, but I was so starved for new games to play on the N64, I played it for so many hours. I never did finish it though. The game was too hard. But I loved the audio, and the fact that it let me see new Star Wars environs instead of going back to the same old places from the movies.


Yeah, I bit on the shirt. It’s a really cool design.


This one is loaded…


Considering I already have the headline game for the upcoming bundle, this may be a good substitute instead of the regular monthly for me.

Edit - how do I quote a quote in here? Huh.

Edit #2 - so far, it’s 47 items (most of them Steam games)




That’s an insane bundle, lots of gems in there.


Yeah, I have so many of these games already.

The Witness though, and it is a good cause.


You know you have too many bundles when you already own 90% of the games listed there. Awesome bundle though.


This. I figure I don’t mind donating a modest amount, and doing it here at least makes a visible impact from a normally under-represented community (gamers) when it comes to issues I care about. So if I own half the games, so be it.


This bundle is the best deal I have seen in gaming. The Witness, Subnautica, Stardew Valley, Nuclear Throne, Sproggiwood, and Mini Metro were all games I wanted but didn’t have. What’s more, Doctors Without Borders are my favourite charity and they got 100% of the proceeds.

Humble deserve alot of credit for putting this together and for donating 300k to the charities, but also thanks to the developers/publishers of the games for donating game keys for it (in case anyone connected to any of the games happens to read this)!


Freedom Bundle is running out of keys for some games! D:

Looks like they started running out for some games after 100k copies were sold.


Should have jumped in. The few games they ran out were the games I didn’t have/wanted. I didn’t realize it was possible to run out of keys.


Nuclear Throne will be returning!


Everything except Monster Loves You and Subnautica restocked – that was quick.


Freedom partially restored then! :p

Oh, also Meat Boy is out of Steam Keys.


There’s a Meat boy code in the giveaway thread =)


The page now says “More in 17 hours”


D’oh, missed out on Subnautica.