Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Ah, good! I went ahead and did the early purchase for next month to get the ESO goodies, since I’ve been playing a lot lately. And getting it onto Steam is nice, since I play mostly via Steam streaming.


Good haul this month, Red Dragon is the only title I already had. Going to stay in this next round as well simply so I have ESO when Morrowind goes on sale.


If you’re comfortable going grey market, CDKeys has Morrowind (all regions) for $16 or so right now. It’s not a Steam key, so I don’t know how that interacts if you have the base game on Steam, but I can vouch for it working on the ESO account site. And that price includes the base game and a “Discovery Pack” DLC.


I feel like… the veil parts… I see beyond the careless stars… the void is an OPEN ALL-SEEING EYE… I know ALL… this thread title… will soon inspire ironic despair… behold:

IGN aquires Humble Bundle
Games Journalism 2017: Gaming news in a post-truth world

On the one hand… if you want to get into digital distribution and you’re IGN it’s not a bad purchase. On the other hand, PC game reviews from IGN are now completely worthless.


Now? IGN reviews have not been a watchword in utility that I can recall, ever.


Sure, I don’t think anyone here was holding IGN up as a shining beacon of games reviews that everyone should aspire to. But it’s a lot easier to question a review when they have direct incentive to say the game is awesome now that they get a ~30% cut of those sales.


Seriously, “now”? IGN has been a clownshoes laughingstock for over a decade.

It’s never been entirely clear what Humble’s business model was to start out, but I expect IGN will run them right into the ground regardless.




Glad I stuck with the monthly subscription. I was going to do a 12 month… :)

Canceled for November. Paused account to see what sneak peak game they put up for December.

This thread title may need to change again, Tom won’t like it. :D


Just have to change a W to a T, he’ll never notice!


God damn it the best value in PC gaming is now liable to go to shit. Well damn, it was good while it lasted.


nGAF always delivers…

I am sure it will turn out fine…


That’s a lot of munchies for a buck. Does it include shipping?


They’re in game items for PUBG. You munch em virtually while you lie in wait for other dudes.


Daaaaaaaaaamnnnn Gina!


I’m not worried. We all still have our lifetime Gamersgate IGN discount, right?


Am I alone in being surprised the aquisition is not the other way around?

I guess NamestealerBundle is doing less well than I thought… or IGN is doing better.

Either way I hope it works out.


IGN is reliable per Wikipedia standards.


As someone who has been blocked by IGN on Twitter (no idea why though), I don’t understand why anyone would believe they’d buy Humble Bundle just to turn it into shit? Didn’t they buy them because they’re doing well, so why ruin a good thing?