Humble Bundles are now awesome again


I’m curious, how many of you have actually activated all the Steam codes in your HB collection and thus have contributed to your possibly-intimidating Steam backlog, versus having cherry-picked the stuff you wanted to play / thought you wanted to play immediately and thus have an alarming backlog of games you’ve possibly completely forgotten about (or aren’t particularly interested in)? Asking for a friend, of course.

(I’m assuming most of you probably won’t activate games that don’t interest you of course, I’m talking about games that might be interesting to you at some point)


Well there’s your problem right there. Pile of shame? Where does that come from? What some people call a backlog, I call a library. You’ve got options, sir, and the bigger the library, the more options you’ve got. Any sense of obligation derived from that is dead weight.

Now if the problem is you’re working within a budget and you think there are better uses for $12 each month, of course that’s your call and yours only. But I propose that all else being equal, more games is always going to be better than fewer.


I only activate the keys in steam that I plan on playing straight away. I keep a spreadsheet on my desktop that has an organised list of all the (interesting) keys I have sitting on the Humble Bundle site. That way I have the freedom to give them away here if I want.


I activate everything I intend to at the very least try.


I activate everything. If I’m taking the time to activate one game, might as well spend another minute or two to activate them all.

If I don’t activate them and I see a bundle somewhere, I sometimes can’t recall if I have a game or not. So I check my Steam and GOG libraries.


Wow, so people don’t just activate every single key they spy with their little eye?

I love building that towering edifice of shame that we call a backlog. A testament to my lack of self control and middling attention span it’s something I will be able to bequeath to my grandchildren. Then they too can look forward to ignoring the exact same games I did in favor of something more shiny.


I’ll skip activating a game if I really don’t even want it in my library (like, I have negative interest in H1Z1) but for the most part if nothing else it builds up my Steam ‘I am a sucker’ badge for games owned. (I am now an Accrual Expert.)


Best post ever!

And it sums up my goals as well!



Did this get mentioned in this or another thread?

Loot Crate has introduced a Humble Monthly-style digital game subscription:

$12 a month, or $10/mo if you pay annually


So that KC:D offer was, as pointed out, far too good a deal to ignore. So I’m now the proud owner of that game plus a three month Humble Monthly subscription. Sucks to be that guy from a week ago threatening to cancel his HM entirely.

I did discover that the three month sub is a gift though. There was no way of deselecting this when I ordered it, that was clearly the intention. Presumably now I just have to cancel my existing monthly sub (I’d already paused for November) and then gift myself this one. What could go wrong!


Me too krayzkrok - I couldn’t pass it up.


So how do you gift things to yourself?


I got an email with a URL to redeem the gift (which I was supposed to send to the recipient). As I already had a paused subscription, I decided to cancel that first before redeeming the gift for my own email address (I don’t trust that it would replace my existing monthly).

Trying to cancel was a trip! First it asks you to consider pausing for a month instead of cancelling. Already done that, so I click cancel. Then it offers you a $3 discount on next month’s bundle as an incentive to not cancel. Tempting, but I already have a 3 month gift subscription thanks! Next it asks you to give a reason why you’re cancelling (lots of radio buttons to click). I left this blank because I’m not actually leaving yet. THEN it asks you yet again to reconsider and tells you what you’re going to be missing out on. Holy shit, by this stage I’m just thinking “Just cancel the fucking subscription” and had I not been doing this I’d have gone back to the “Why are you leaving page” and added some choice comments. Finally, after clicking cancel for the fourth time, it cancelled my subscription with a glowing red warning bar that I’m no longer a subscriber. Nice work Humble, how to make your potential customers flee for the hills (it’s like those shop assistants that won’t leave you alone when you’re trying to browse, so you just flee).

Anyway, THEN you click on the email link it sends you and POW! Instantly redeemed. :) Actually that’s not quite true, it does ask whether you’re sure you want to tie it to your email address first, but it would be amusing if they applied the same process to subscribing as they do to unsubscribing.


“Are you sure you want to subscribe?”, “think of all the other things in life you could buy for $12 a month, Netflix is actually a very good deal!”, that would be good.


Well, I just went ahead and fully cancelled. We’ll see if I get any such incentive email. If not I’ll just wait till there’s a month where the headliner really grabs me, and not just kinda/sorta.


Could be worse. I still occasionally see internet-based companies where you have to actually talk to someone on the phone to cancel a subscription.


Yeah I didn’t find it all that onerous. Not like trying to cancel your cable TV subscription, hehe.


I had a 15$ wallet credit instead of KCD. Couldn’t pass up the deal either, and Hollow Knight was on my wishlist. I didn’t notice that game was under 20$. Would’ve picked it up a long time ago.

This one got tucked away in coupons area if anyone else used it.


It’s not particularly onerous, no, but it goes one step too far. Offering a discount is a great way to ask you to reconsider, that’s fine, but I guess I found “are you sure you’re sure you’re sure?” a bit much before I’d had a coffee.


Less than a day to go, till the remainder of the reveals.

Sorta glad I didn’t buy any Halloween sale games. :)