Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Also managed to avoid the siren call, though I was this close to getting Aven Colony, if not for a lunch that took longer than expected. Guess I’ll get it next sale, if it doesn’t show up in a bundle until then…


They’d better have a hell of an early reveal tomorrow for me to sign up again. I’ve already gotten a couple of emails hyping the current bundle (but offering no special incentive).


I’m in for the next 3 months no matter what since I took the bait to get the free copy of Kingdom Come : Deliverance. Hoping one of the reveals tomorrow is something I’m curious about, and that next month’s early reveal is also a happy surprise.


Me too! Now I finally get to have the reveal anticipation. Hope it’s good.


I managed to resist the Steam sale by employing my usual (unintentional) tactic; adding a handful of games to my cart, coming back on the final day, deciding the total was too expensive, and then removing games one at a time until my cart was empty. Having 3 months of HB on the way also helped with that decision.

I’ve been having such a great time replaying Dead Space recently I’m wondering if I should just do more replays of older games that I enjoyed.


I didn’t even put anything in my cart this time, and there were some good sales. Cryptark stood out at $5.99. I’m convinced that’ll be in a bundle eventually though.


Bundle fear is strong, these days!


The November bundle is the final one of my yearly sub, so I switched back to monthly. And will hope they give me another deal to resub for a year.


And the remainder of the November reveals end with a whimper.

Hollow Knight
7 Days to Die
Dead Island Definitive Edition
The Dwarves
Hard Reset Redux
Resident Evil Revelations
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite V2
vApe Escape

December early reveals are:

MGS 5 The Definitive Experience and Cities Skylines + After Dark DLC.


A mixed month for me. Already owned both Sniper Elite games, Hitman and Hard Reset, but I’ve wanted The Dwarves for AGES, and Hollow Knight, so…yay overall I guess.


Worst monthly reveal I’ve paid for.

All of these were games we’d already have by now if we were interested in them. Other than the Dwarves, but that’s in a humble bundle right now :/ Those Sniper games were given away for free on Steam awhile back.


A bad month, excluding the games given at the start of the month.

Hard reset? A game that was given in bundles years ago, and it never was good.
Sniper elite 1,2? Very old games, and totally dated now ,hell Sniper Elite 4 was given two or three months ago.
Dead Island, at this point? Outclassed by Dying Light.


I’m pretty sure I got Resident Evil Revelations for $1 from a previous humble bundle too.

Edit: Actually I guess it was in the 2nd tier of the bundle I purchased.


Whew, thank $deity I cancelled. I mean, I was tempted by Hitman but just wasn’t going to play it anytime soon.


I’m glad that I purchased this on the strength of Hitman and Hollow Knight. If they keep recycling old bundle fodder I’m out.


Yeah I mean, Sniper Elite is from 2005, talk about an old game being tossed in…


Glad I bailed. Owned everything I wanted already.


I definitely wouldn’t have been pleased with this month had I not gotten the Kingdom Come deal, as I already had Hitman and Hollow Knight.


Well, contrary to seemingly all the opinions here, I was pleasantly surprised. I figured I was going to have to eat this bundle when I did the 3 month sub to get Kingdom Come : Deliverance for free because I had little interest in HITMAN and 7 Days to Die, and while Hollow Knight looked interesting, it isn’t the type of game I normally play and my gaming time is limited enough that I would probably never get around to it…but then the reveal today made me quite pleased.

  • The Dwarves - IS the kind of game I enjoy playing, and I’ve gone back and forth on buying it several times when it’s been on sale. This is the pick of the litter for me.
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition - I own Dead Island, but didn’t get very far into it because of GPU issues (since resolved with a newer GPU). I own none of the DLC, so now I can go back and play it with max graphics and all the DLC. Not bad.
  • Hard Reset Redux - Somehow I don’t own this on Steam. Looks interesting.

So in the end I feel like I got enough value that it’s not a lost month for me.

Next month featuring Metal Gear Solid V Definitive is nice. Sadly, I already own Cities : Skyline and the After Dark DLC (of course it’s the ONLY DLC I own for the game), but hopefully one or more reveals next month will add value like they did for me this month.


I figured there would be misery but I’m happy. I’ve had Hard Reset on wishlists forever. Glad to get that finally. The Dwarves looks cool. I bought Hollow Knight on Switch but again, happy to have it also on PC since it’s excellent. All the rest are a-ok although I think I do own Revelations already.

Next month I’m totally on board already as I own neither of those.