Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Indeed. No dupes from the “would buy” list, only the “already bought” list and the “would not buy” list.

But hey, vape escape. They couldn’t even manage a non-amateurish graphic, so hidden gem status does not seem likely.


Cities Skyline is good, but I already have it. I haven’t played a metal gear game since metal gear solid, and I’m tempted to try MGS5.


This month’s offerings actually look better to me when I ignore the old crap they tossed in as filler. Another copy of Dead Island and a couple of old Sniper Elite games? Lame.


Yes, try it! Don’t give up with the slow start though. It gets much better once it gets going.


I bought MGS5 on sale a little while ago, now I need to check if I can still refund it. If I can’t, I’ll just skip the next bundle too.

Also glad I passed on November. I already played Hard Reset and Dead Island, and not interested in the early Sniper Elite games.


So I just got an email saying I was now unpaused for the Humble Monthly. Shouldn’t I have to actively opt in after pausing? Anyway, enough of that stuff. I went ahead and cancelled.


I just paused it for the second month in a row. MSG5 and City Skylines are both great games, but I own and played them both quite a bit.

When you pause they want you to pick an option on why you paused, and I had to laugh at the lack of either a ‘I don’t like those games’ or a ‘I already own these games’ option. It’s like they are being deliberately obtuse.

I also am annoyed they pause your humble store discount. I get why, but it would be so easy to game the system and just not pause until the last minute if I was so inclined.


Nope, if you pause for a month you’ll be automatically un-paused. Makes it easy if you don’t like the reveal for a particular month, but want to stay subbed.


Do you need to have played the previous games in the franchise to enjoy this, or can you jump right in? (The last Metal Gear game I played was on my MSX many, many moons ago)


I thought this month’s bundle was terrible, and the reveal for next month is just as terrible. I wonder if the peeps getting Kingdom Come mean less money to put good games into the next three months. It’s all out of my control because I have a yearly sub and no option to pause, sigh.


New Trove stuff:

Epistory Typing Chronicles
Frozen Synapse
Renowned Explorers Complete

People here have said good things about RE. Looks like they’ve started removing games from it. Nothing major iirc, but I’m downloading all the ones I’m interested in incase they go poof.


Epistory is great also. :)

And I know @geggis loved Frozen Synapse.


What do you mean? You can definitely pause with yearly subs?


If you can tell me how I have an e-hug with your name on it.


Oh I see it now, you have to click cancel plan first! I never tried that as why would I cancel a plan I have already paid for?


Indeed. Circuitous, in typical Humble fashion, but it is there :-) Glad you found it!


This is crazy time. I mean, YOU think it’s terrible, but the comment about Kingdom Come is way off base. They’re giving us Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive and Cities Skylines next month, both of which are not “cheap” so this is a you problem, not a them problem.


Both games have been deeeeeeep on sale. But yes, I am defining ‘terrible’ subjectively using my own interest in the games or whether I have already owned them. I thought being a business it’s a ‘them’ problem as well because it means less money from me (now knowing that I can pause, thanks @Khelavaster!).

I’m genuinely sorry that you found my opinion offensive, perhaps I was too sharp, I am just disappointed in the Humble Monthly these two months (usually love them).


Nah, he’s got a point. Both have been out for a while and have been discounted heavily. MGSV has a historical low price of$3.99, and Cities is $5.39, so odds are good that people interested in them already have them. Neither compares as a headliner to the glory days of XCOM 2 and Total War: Warhammer, or even recent ones like Overwatch, Tales of Berseria, Dark Souls III, Civ VI, etc., most of which hadn’t dropped below $10 or so before showing up in the monthly.


Ok, then can everyone who hates these bundles so much just please stop posting in the Humble Bundles are now awesome again thread? It’s really tiresome to come here to discuss the games and having to wade through shitpost after shitpost.

Start a new one called Humble Bundles suck ass again.