Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Hey, this thread used to be “Humble Bundles are Dead to Me”, remember? So the negativity is just reclaiming its ancestral homeland, and you need to go make a new thread for your pollyannaism!

Nah, but seriously, I’m an annual subscriber, and overall have been happy with the value I’ve gotten. Some months are awesome, some months are underwhelming, this reveal is one of the latter, and this is the main humble thread here, so there’s no need for thread-copping. The thread is big enough for all perspectives.


Can we see your badge, Officer Threadcop?

Bugger me, do we need two different threads (positive and negative) about every game because someone’s opinion may tread on someone else’s tender bits?


To be fair that MGSV GMG deal was sold out pretty fast (I couldn’t get to it in time) and December’s Cities Skyline comes with one DLC, so it’s not too bad.

I’m more disappointed with November’s unlocks.


QT3 seems very angry today. :O


Fair enough, though if you take the second-lowest price of $4.99, the point stands.


Winter is coming.

As for next month, I already own MGSV (I got it in that $4 bundle a week or so ago) and Cities Skylines, but I’m gonna stick with it because there’s almost always something in there worthwhile to me. Plus it’s cut down my spending on games in general too.


So you need $7 worth of value from the other 6-8 games to make it worth the $12.

Do you even hear how silly you sound?


Actually, I already have MGSV, because I was interested enough in it to buy it a year or two ago. And that’s why the headliners are underwhelming. If you’re excited enough about a game to buy into a $12 bundle, odds are you would have picked it up when it was on sale for $5.

Even besides that, it’s hardly guaranteed that there would be additional games that I, personally, would have been willing to spend $7 on in the rest of the bundle. There’s always a fair chunk that I either already have or just am not interested in spending time on, even if they were free.

So since I already have MGSV, and am not really interested in Cities, there’s a good chance this month will be a dud not worth $12 to me. And that’s fine; it’s the risk of any sort of blind grab-bag bundle, and I went into the annual subscription with my eyes open. I’m still overall satisfied with the subscription, and the last few months have been worthwhile, but if this sort of month were to become the new norm, I probably wouldn’t renew next year.

Maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself why it’s so important that you stamp out any dissent, lest the sacred honor of a game retailer be besmirched.


I had never played any Metal Gear game before this, so you should be good to go.


Yes, this month doesn’t do anything for me either (the Trove additions are actually more interesting than the main bundle), but I did get KC:D on sale so there are two more months to capitalize on that! MGSV is great. I’m sure it’s been on sale before in some corner of the internet, but I’ve never seen Phantom Pain for less than $9.99 (which is nearly $14 for me anyway) and certainly not bundled with Ground Zeroes, so that’s a win for me. Cities Skylines is also good, although I doubt I’d ever have the motivation to play it. I’m hoping for good things from the Dec/Jan bundles given the celebratory season!


I’m not sure why you feel the need to tell other people how much they should value particular games. I mean, I’m glad you love it and it provides great value for you - I seriously mean that. But for me it would rarely be worth the $12 because I usually have the games I really want. Getting crap I wouldn’t play is of no value.

This year 7 out of 11 bundles would have been worth it to me if I didn’t own any of the games - which would be an acceptable number. Once I factor in which of the games I already owned, only one month. Now buying too many games is a me problem, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Humble Monthly wouldn’t have been worth it to me.


Here’s a tip for everyone replying to tell me how they feel. I don’t care. You’re just bringing misery here for no good reason. Bitch to someone that cares.


That sounds like a you problem, not an us problem.


Yep. Time to leave Qt3 for a few months or more. The miserable people have finally worn me down.


If you feel like you need to talk to someone let me know in PMs. I think most of us here are bitching about the latest humble monthly while simultaneously not feeling miserable in life, but I can see how it will translate differently to someone coming into threads like these with a different mental state.


All things considered, sentences like this

“Here’s a tip for everyone replying to tell me how they feel. I don’t care.”

sounds pretty miserable.


Kinda glad I sat this one out, too. Sniper Elite 2 was a free giveaway on Steam a year or two ago, and the other stuff I already had or am not too interested in.


I’m happy with Hitman 1st Season, Hollow Knight, and The Dwarves, but the rest is kinda meh. As for next month, I already have Cities Skylines and After Dark, but I’ve managed to not get MGS 5 as of yet.
edit - okay, Hard Reset looks cool, too


@DaveLong, don’t take it personally, it’s just a few people disappointed about the loot box they just paid to open. I think that’s human nature. Besides, we need your positivity. :)


Crap, I missed that. Yeah, @DaveLong - I’d hate to see you go.