Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Humble recently said they’ve got 450,000 subscribers.

In non-monthly news, the yearly Rpg Maker bundle is back:

The 1$ tier has my favorite version of the program. It’s 10 years old though, so YMMV.

Their month long gamejam this year is a little different.

You have one month to deliver a one hour game, any game you can dream up, for the chance to win massive cash prizes. … Instead of looking for a complete package, we are looking for the next big indie game. We want to work with the winner to turn the contest build of their game, into a full commercial game.

Three $ prizes, any engines, prototypes instead of completed games. Sounds like a good opportunity if anyone has some free time and might’ve been interested in throwing something on Steam direct etc. One of my friends is working on one with their teenage kid. I’ll probably participate as well if I can fit it in my schedule.

Last year’s submissions if anyone wants to check out what the competition is like. A terrible depression experience game I made in ~4 hours ended up in the top 25%. Other past winners include Remnants of Isolation, Last Word, & Corine Cross Dead and Breakfast.


This. The monthlies are a great value if you haven’t bought many of what they’re including. I’ve been trying to buy less games to save some money. I hope a side effect of this is that in the future the monthlies will be a greater value to me. I enjoy the anticipation of seeing what’s next. I’ve only bought into 1 or 2 months up until now. I took the 3 month membership to get Kingdom Come, but will go back to month by month - looking at the initial reveals.


FYI, I had an annual subscription due to renew, so cancelled and let it lapse… in the hopes of getting one of those emails with a free game to entice me to re-subscribe. Which I just got - Pathfinder: Kingmaker was the offer.


Damn, between that and Kingdom Come, I’m feeling like a bit of a sucker for locking in a year for a $25 store credit.


lol - same here. Worst part is, I’m assuming neither of those games will then appear in bundles.


Christ on a stick stop complaining, I subbed yearly few weeks before they started offering even that. So I get neither cool games nor store credit :)


Oh, but you get the incalculable value of being a trailblazer. Truly, a gamer among gamers! We shall all bow down in awe ;)


WOW. Between Kingdom Come : Deliverance and Pathfinder : Kingmaker, the games you can get for signing up for the Humble Monthly beat the crap out of the actual Humble Monthly content lately. What a strange marketing decision.


Kingmaker, at least, requires a one YEAR sub - so it’s not exactly a great deal if most of the monthlies aren’t to your taste.


Ahh…that makes more sense. KC : Deliverance was only a 3-month commit, which basically equaled the current sale price of the game. Not so sure I’d jump on spending $144 for a year’s worth of monthly gambles just to nab Kingmaker for free.


You can apparently pause yearly bundles. I’d pay $30 for Kingmaker, and have some interest in the announced games for this month, so I think I’ll probably jump in and plan on doing that instead of steam holiday sale games this year.


hate to be “that guy” but they give you a free month with the 12 month sub so it’s $132…which I’m sure doesn’t alter your conclusion at all!


LOL, no worries. Yeah, even at $132, the statement still stands.

Granted, that’s just a “me” perspective as someone who already has hundreds of games in my Steam library and elsewhere, and thus has a more narrow window of what I consider desirable games in bundles. If you are someone who hasn’t built up a large digital game collection yet, and/or who enjoys playing quality games from across all genres, then the Monthly is probably going to deliver for you most months, making the year long commit with bonus Kingmaker a deal worth taking.

I still believe Humble Monthly Bundle is one of the best deals in PC gaming, I just think it’s far more attractive for some people than it is for others based on their existing libraries and their taste in games.


When I bought the three-month deal (with KC:D) my account was still paused, so even though it delivered the first month immediately, I had to go and unpause it to get it to register the next month. It made it clear that you’re basically buying monthly credits - one, three or twelve - and you use them up each month unless you put it on pause, after which it tries to renew. It will be interesting to see whether my three month sub tries to renew another three month sub, or go back to monthly.


Monthly is 99$ for a year today, new subs only.


Everytime I click on this thread there is a new reason for me to be pissed about subbing yearly when I did, yay! :)


So what’s the word on all the boardgame ports in the latest bundle? Which are good boardgames and which are good ports?


Remainder of the December reveal goes live tomorrow.

Lets hope for games that weren’t released 10 years ago.


That depends… 2008 was a pretty good year for games, wasn’t it? ;)

What if they went with twenty years ago?! 1998 was king! :O


Fuck, well, I guess I’m getting december. FUCK.

This stupid pause thing is the worst. I should have cancelled.