Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Yep yep, I mean its almost impossible not to get $8.25 in value from games in given month. :)

Bargain Thread 2018

What happens if you buy the annual subscription when you still have one active? It adds +12 months correctly, I guess?


Let us know! :D


It worked.


Nice, you have a lot of cheap games incoming between now and April 2020. :P

I also re-subbed for a year.


Yep, snagged a 12-month for $99, 7 days or so left of the offer. It got added to my existing sub.



It’s a no-brainer really :-)


That’s a tempting offer, but I’ve found the last year+ of offerings pretty sub-par. Haven’t been subbed since June 2017 and I think I’ve only regretted it once (Feb. 2018) in the intervening time. Hmm.


With all the games you have don’t you already have most of the good ones, or do you like practically everything? :-)


I dislike car racing games usually. :)

Still want to try Wreckfest tho. :P

One can never have too many choices when looking into the backlog abyss @robc04


I feel like, at the rate I currently game, I probably have 10 years of gaming in my backlog. I either need to buy fewer games or spend more time gaming.


The deal is good, but $4 a month to me is worth it to not have to pay upfront. Guess I"m just weird like that.


Same here. If the headliners are something I want and don’t have, I’ll bite and pay the premium.



While the Humble Bundle servers did not relinquish any personal or payment information

Is an e-mail address no longer considered personal information?


It would, but the attackers already had the email address. I.e. they could not get a list of the email addresses that had Humble account, just check whether an address they already had had an account.

This is called an enumeration attack. Most sites will be vulnerable to that to some extent, via the error messages from the login page if nothing else. I’ve never heard of anyone considering an enumeration attack to be a PII leak.


Yeah I know what you mean now. Sometimes a site will actually confirm an account exists even if the password is incorrect. Other sites will say something like if this username or email exist you’ll get a password reset without really confirming it’s an account at all.

Great, more spam. Just what I need.


Just a reminder to check Humble Trove as well. Renowned Explorers was added since I last checked, which was well received here IIRC.


Just a reminder than the year for $99 deal is coming to an end.

I’m trying to make up my mind if it is worth it for me. If I didn’t have so many of the games it would be worth it hands down. I looked at the last 12 months and I’d consider 4 of the months worth it if I take into consideration the games i already have. But, while I still bought a lot of games this year I think I did cut it down some. There may be more for Humble to draw from that I don’t have.

Is there a limit to how often a customer can pause? If I can stretch the 12 months out as long as I want then it would probably be worth it to me eventually.


Word of warning and a question…

With one month of my 3 month subscription left I paused it - not interested in January’s reveals. I then decided to do the 1 year for $99. When I bought that, it automatically unlocked January. So, if you didn the same thing as me you might want to check your subscription. Customer service fixed it up for me.

So my subscription is paused with 13 months left, as it should be. the Unlock date is January 4th, which is the first Friday. That means I won’t get the January monthly, but will get it for February, right? If I want to pause February then I would do it after the last Friday in December but before January 4th? Thanks.