Humble Bundles are now awesome again


I just got charged for the January bundle. Is that a screw up? I wanted to pause.


If you’re on a monthly, you get charged on the last Friday of each month, giving access to the games already revealed, and get the rest of the reveals the next Friday.


Humble support is usually pretty accommodating. You might be able to get the keys revoked and pause for the month if you ask.


Thanks, I’ll try that. If not, it’s off to the giveaway thread…


Everything we all bought during the winter sale will be in tomorrow’s bundle.



Sweet, backup copies in case internet rats chew up my originals.


My guess is that this one is weak so they don’t trigger a bunch of returns. I hope I’m wrong.


Lets just hope they don’t go back 10 years, for filler games.


I LOL’d, but the truth is that I spent a good part of the Steam Winter Sale adding interesting 6-24 month old Indie/AA games to my cart and then removing them after thinking “this seems like it could be very likely to show up in a Humble Monthly sometime soon”.

Humble and Fanatical have pretty much combined to ruin Steam sales for me anymore. Thankfully I have a huge backlog of great games, so I can simply play those while waiting for the games in my wishlist to appear in bundles or at steeper discounts than the Steam Sale.


After looking at my Twitch Prime haul over the last year, that added even more justification for just sticking with Humble Monthly and Twitch Prime for PC gaming with the occasional Epic Store or AAA game thrown in there.


There have been quite a few humble bundle, Twitch Prime, and Origin access games that I’ve played recently that I thoroughly enjoyed but would never have thought to purchase if I had to make that decision individually.


That’s a side benefit too! I’m definitely a survey player. I rarely have time to play a game from start to finish or get distracted so I don’t. I see a lot of games that I know I would enjoy like The Messenger, but paying $15 or $20 for it seems like a waste for me when eventually I’ll get it in a bundle with like three to five other things I would probably enjoy.

My overall layout for a wide variety of PC games to play in a year will be $144 through the Monthly and another $120 through Prime. The great thing with Monthly is they’re mine to keep. Prime has other obvious benefits. That seems like more than enough to spend on PC gaming barring a AAA title here or there or some $2-$5 indie that never ends up bundled.


Humble site died, can anyone see what todays games are ?


Qube 2
Wizard of Legend
Just Cause 3
Project Cars 2
Regions of Ruin
Darkside Detective
Roombo: first blood

next month headliner: Yakuza 0 & Tom Clancy’s Division


AWESOME , so many people are gonna love Darkside Detective!

Almost bought QUBE2 , Sundered and Yakuza 0 , during the winter sale, so big win for me!


Wow, I missed out.

Observer, Regions of Ruin and Darkside Detective sounded intriguing.


Whenever HB comes back up you can have my observer code if you want it. I apparently own it from Twitch (thank god for Playnite).


Hmm… Not bad. This might be the first one in a pretty long while that gets me back in.

Have you written anything longer on why you think it’s such a good game? I watched the playthrough of one of the cases and it looked just painfully simplistic.


Good mix for me this month. Some games I already owned but many I didn’t.


For those who might care, note Tom Clancy’s The Division is a uPlay key, not Steam.