Humble Bundles are now awesome again


It’s sorta to be experienced, but the detective and his cop friend have history and they play off each other well with just the right amount of humor and sarcasm. If I were to compare it to anything it would be a hypothetical fun supernatural episode of Brooklyn 99 with Jake and Charles.


I like it too. It IS simple on the puzzle side, but I think that’s actually a feature, not a bug. You mostly want to read the funny dialogue and see the goofy story play out. If I was getting stuck on puzzles, I’d have a lot less fun.


Decent mix this time out, but I’m glad I paused as nothing really jumps out at me. I may pause again next month as I already own The Division and am not really interested in Yakuza 0…and with two such “brand name” headliners, I suspect the reveals will be mostly smaller indie titles.


My thoughts exactly! I’m excited about all the games you mentioned, and almost bought Regions of Ruin, too.

This is my first month back to the Humble Monthly after a long break and I will happily scratch several games off my wishlist.


Yakuza 0 is brilliant. Just saying.


What is it, like a GTA clone? Looks like I finally get to join the crew that’s been playing this for centuries. (Yes, I know it has its own thread, I just haven’t waded into that just yet).


Good months, but pausing next month since I have both games. Yakuza 0 is even in my back log, so fuck me for not waiting.


It’s more like Shenmue.


To try and pull you back in, The Division is definitely being included solely to boost interest in the sequel. I’m not reading too much into it (and want Yakuza 0 on PC anyway). A bummer they didn’t include the season pass.


May I ask (anyone who can opine) why that would make a difference, when you still end up having to launch Uplay to play the game? I mean, is it just so you can have it visible in your Steam library?

As to this current bundle, as they say “now you’re talkin’!” I almost bought Yakuza 0 during these just-ended sales and I’ve been curious about the Division for a long time. So I may just dip in for a month and cancel if next month’s headliners don’t float my boat (or if I already own them).



Well … I’ll probably try it anyway.


So, I only have a bunch of games on uPlay so it’s not a deal breaker for me. But uPlay doesn’t do playtime tracking, doesn’t have a convenient gallery for screenshots (though it does do them, unlike Origin), doesn’t do Steam achievements or trading cards, doesn’t interface with Steam social features. A uPlay game on Steam will do some or all of that through Steam.


But like, if Shenmue had good gameplay and crime thriller shenanigans alongside the weird arcade games and karaoke and stuff. And also you leveled up by eating money after being trained by a random British hobo.


Uplay does track play time, FYI.


Oh right, I think I saw that. But the other stuff applies.



OK, I’m in!


That is where I’m at.


I just bought Reign and Yakuza 0, yay me. I am kinda interested in division for just the single player since I used to enjoy the Clancy games and it’s been a long time since I played one.

Oh well, happy with the rest of the games.


The Division is awesome! And totally works as a solo game too.


I continue to struggle playing it solo, due to my poor aim and probably bad skill choices. :)