Humble Bundles are now awesome again


I still think the initial solo difficulty hump is a big one but it does get much more approachable once you have all the base wings.


Nothing too important, I think-- convenience of sticking to one platform, community perks, achievements, workshop, etc. I have no interest in this game or Yakuza so I’m pausing my subscription, but even so I’d probably skip a UPlay title if there’s a chance I can get it later during a Steam sale (I think The Division has already seen deep discounts).


I tried the Division on a free weekend and man, it was such a bore.


Oh GOD no. GTA doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Yakuza 0. They’re similar in the sense that both have a “crime story” setting, so to speak, but the execution is completely and absolutely different.

Yakuza 0 has heart, has soul, has drama, has humor. GTA is a big American summer blockbuster, Yakuza 0 is Kurosawa if he ever made a crime story videogame. So to speak.

Ok, I may be overselling it (not really). But there’s a reason Yakuza 0 was my Game of The Year 2018™ and no GTAs ever showed up in my top 10 in any year. Well, after whatever year it was that Vice City came out.


I loved The Division but felt like it really shined in the first two DLC - especially Underground (DLC 1, random generated “dungeons”) for playing solo. The sequel is out in March so you should be getting the full Division experience if you buy in now.


Great month for me. Except Qube and Just Cause (which I might end up playing) all the others were wishlisted or at least looked at serveral times. I’m especially looking forward to playing The Darkside Detective and Sundered. Yeah.

And now I’ll pause again because I already backlog’d the new ones…

  • Everytime I start The Division, start a mission… I think: such a fine looking, pleasant to play game… but that lasts only for 30 minutes. I find it to be extreme monotonous… although the monotony is so well done. Something about it draws me in, something makes me yawn. But it’s worth 10$ alone for this snowy version of doomed New York and some hours of entertaining cover-shooting…

  • Yakuza seems so great, but the people in it talk too much. : \


You might be overselling it a bit. But I appreciate your enthusiasm.


QUBE 2 is apparently much better than the first. :)


Awesome, after snoozing for like 3 months straight (owned a bunch of the games) Yakuza 0 has me back in!


I had a problem with The Division before even getting off the first little island because holy crap that last mission was too hard. But once I finally got past it, holy hell, this game is fun,


I hear you sayin. All the time. And yet I already bounced off of it twice. But third time’s gonna be the charm. It has to.

And I also got Nier Automata yesterday. I will sue you for damages if I don’t like it.



Well, maybe it means we have really different tastes. And that’s OK.

Also, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is pretty great, you know. ;)


Hah, that was part of my problem with Yakuza 0, it never felt immersive for me due to lack of proper voice acting and the way it is designed and structured. And the start of the story was a bit…mundane. But I never even got to the part where you get to play as the other guy, so I assume I still haven’t seen anything and just have to persevere. Because I want to enjoy that story, and I know couple people with taste similar to mine who love Yakuza 0 too. And I think yours is not that different from mine either :)

Btw regarding Automata, did you play on PC or console? I added the FAR mod to it so I hope it will be problem-free for me on PC (apparently platinum never patched it).


Cool stuff this month. And cool games next month, that I already have. :D


This is a rough month to have forgotten to pause. There are games I’m interested in playing in the bundle, but I already own them. On the other hand, there’s probably something wrong with me if I can’t get a few hours of fun out of a Just Cause game.

But next month sounds awesome! I very nearly bought Yakuza 0 in the sale and was interested in trying The Division but not enough to buy it. Definitely worth it to me.


PC. Played without mods and had no issues then, but maybe I was lucky.


Cool, hopefully I won’t have any issues either.


I didn’t think I was having issues until I got to the second playthrough and hit a mechanic where FPS actually massively affects gameplay and it turned out mine was hurting to a degree that I hadn’t noticed at all during the main game. Installed FAR and the FPS went way up, though.


It’s still a fighting game at its core right? You have a health bar, enemies have a health bar, and you beat on each other until someone gets knocked out? That’s what Yakuza 2 and 3 were. I was so disappointed. I wanted to get to the Tokyo culture and Okinawa culture, but I just couldn’t get past the fact that it was a fighting game.


Derp, I forgot I can request refunds on Steam. Only done it once before, so I just submitted for Reign and Yakuza 0, yay me.