Hundreds of Beavers

Yeah, I got duped by the title too, but it’s still great!

It’s an absurdist live-action slapstick comedy that owes as much to any number of videogames (Orcs Must Die, Don’t Starve, Resident Evil 4?) as it does to Looney Tunes. I don’t remember the last time I laughed this much with a film. Thoroughly recommend if your heart knows any joy at all (I know for some around here, it does not) or if you’re satisfied just watching furries getting murdered in a forest.

(Not for young kids, it’s puerile cartoon violence but definitely of the Adult Swim variety).

God damn it I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, which turns out to be not worth my time more often than not. But when it is, it can be glorious. I love the idea of a live action cartoon.

I loved it, but it does take a very specific sense of humor. @fox.ferro mentioned videogame influences, but to me, this was straight-up live-action Tex Avery, no chaser. Pretty inspired, if you ask me!

Also, fox, the animated gif you posted in the gif thread does a great job of capturing the movie’s mischievous charm:

Right now it’s only on Apple and Amazon as premium offers, but here’s the Justwatch page if folks want to keep an eye on where it’s available to stream:

Oh, dear. What if I’m one of the “some around here” whose heart knows no joy at all? What then??

Well I don’t have any joy today, so maybe I’ll go and see if I can spoil everybody else’s fun.

edit: but then that would give me joy which in turn would make me like the film and not want to spoil it.

checkmated damnit

Hook, line and sinker, bitches.

I just heard about this movie randomly on a podcast. That trailer sinches the deal. I must see this.

Sounds like BrianRubin Got Played. :)

I just pulled the trigger on a 7 day trial of Fandor through Amazon. There’s nothing else I want to watch on Fandor, so it’ll be an easy cancel after this film. Still watching, but it’s pretty goddamn fun so far, almost exactly like a Looney Tunes cartoon.

…what the hell is Fandor?

Never heard of it before, but apparently a streaming service with a bunch of films I’ve never heard of plus Audition and 100s of Beavers.

Let us know how you like it, please.

It was a blast start to finish. Non-stop comedy slap-stick action. It’s super clever, super irreverent, and super fun. And despite how ad hoc it seems at first, every detail is important, the narrative has a steady development, and the whole is lovingly crafted. And it’s a silent film where language would have been superfluous. Spectacular.

This was a delight. If I wasn’t laughing out loud, I was smiling.

Afterwards, I couldn’t help but compare this film to the recent Marvel CGI-fests in that every CGI-forward set piece and action sequence managed to be interesting, comprehensible, and memorable. I am really blown away.

Hundreds of beavers
Beavers for me

If I had my little way
I’d have beaver every day

Movin to the country
Gonna eat a lot of…

Hmm. Ok, you know what

This is great, and shows that good slapstick is immortal. Plus as a native Wisconsinite, I can confirm it is a painstakingly accurate history of the origin of Green Bay.

I enjoyed it a bunch as well, but…maybe I’m being a curmudgeon, but I feel like it could have been 10 minutes shorter. Some of the sequences, especially towards the end, go on a bit too long for my taste

also, that gymnast/pole dancing actress: grrrrrrrr