Huntdown: Escape from the 80s Arcade

I posted about this in the indie thread but it’s very good so maybe deserves it’s own thread. It’s a retro 16bit run&gun but more a platform shooter. Closer to Shinobi, Cyber Police ESWAT or Rolling Thunder than to Contra or Metal Slug. It’s very much an homage to 80s sci-fi action movies. There’s pieces of Robocop, Escape From LA, and Running Man for instance in this thing, and perhaps The Warriors (not technically 80s). You play as one of 3 bounty hunters with slightly different move sets cleaning up gangs in a dystopian cyberpunk future. The game mostly nails the look, is loaded with one liners and fairly good voice acting and audio for what it is. Most importantly the game plays very well, it can be hard at times but not overly frustrating. Make sure to check out the how to play as otherwise you might miss the dash or some other nuances to the controls like the slide.


I added this to my Xbox wishlist yesterday. $20 seems like too much to pay for an unknown quantity in this particular genre, but given enough feedback from reviewers and players I will grab it eventually.

$20 is the new Indie Standard Price but I agree it’s too high for an impulse buy, but this one looks good and is definitely going on the wishlist.

So just a note, I made the title to this thread before I found the secret area that had the Duke’s chandelier car from Escape from NY in it

You can get it on Epic for about £8 with the £10 voucher off. At that price, and with that (brilliant) trailer and presentation, I’ll be picking it up.

I think people must be finally sick of the retro pixel art style for how little talk this game is getting on the net considering how good it is. Failing of the publisher too I think as it’s only got like 13 reviews on Opencritic compared to Streets of Rage 4s 109.

I’m definitely going to play it. It totally came out of nowhere for me. Didn’t know it existed until it launched.

Plus it’s got to be a super-niche genre at this point, right? Back in the 80s I played games in the genre because I played everything I could get my hands on, but this was by far my least favorite genre of game to play in the arcades and on my Amstrad.

So this is almost unnoticeable in game as it happens so fast but this is nice Easter egg. Sho’Nuff’s face in the Shogun boss sword swing after image

So I realize this is going to sound painfully trendy to say, but one of my issues with this otherwise decent game is the lack of rogue-like elements. :( I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feel cheap saying it. Huntdown is certainly well made for a linear sequence of missions with fixed characters and no progression. But it’s why I played this a bit, shrugged, and put back into rotation Black Future '88, Dead Cells, and Fury Unleashed for my 2D action arcade action.


Tom, if you like the rogue-like spin on this genre, have you tried Sundered?

(It’s an indie game I’ve played that you should too! Maybe I should find a thread for those…)

Yes, I liked Sundered a lot! Really liked the tactical options during combat, liked the aesthetic, thought the progression was meaningful enough to keep me going, albeit a bit slow. It was a unique enough combat model that it felt like it’s own game, which goes a long way in a crowded genre. Good call! I’m swapping that in to replace Fury Unleashed! So my list for “Huntdown is fine, but I’m too easily swayed by the appeal of rogue-likes” is now Black Future '88, Dead Cells, and Sundered.


Not being a rogue-like is one of the things I like about it. I tend to burn out on the platformer rogue likes and never finish them as I find them too grindy at some point and the level randomization not that interesting doing more to detract than add to the game. Rogue Legacy, Dead Cells, etc all lie unfinished.

Finally coming to Steam so maybe some of you bozos will finally play it, though I suppose now it’s “I’ll wait for Game Pass”

Out today on Steam