Hurricane Isaac

So, this seems like it will be hitting somewhere around Louisiana, Tuesday evening. Anybody else affected by this? I’m in Baton Rouge. Gas stations are already out of gas, stores out of bread(?), etc. Full panic mode has set in I guess.

Doesn’t it seem to be a bit weak for all the excitement? Katrina was Cat 3 when she crossed Florida, IIRC.

I think the superstition of it being on the anniversary of Katrina has some people spooked. I dunno. I’ve lived in the area my whole life and usually people seem to have a “hurricane party” disposition. This time the prevailing attitude seems to be “GTFO.”

The latest track has it going straight over New Orleans. I guess the image I linked updates automatically.

Looks like this is practically heading to my back yard. I live in Covington, so I expect Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to be awfully stormy but hopefully nothing too bad.

Oh hey, didn’t realize anybody lived down this way. Cool. I am from Slidell.

I’m not too worried either. My apartment loses power regularly, so I’m not very optimistic on that front. But I doubt I will even miss any work. I bought some small candles in case I need to see to use the bathroom, and some ice to keep my beer cold. Just in case.

Here’s a compilation tracking page somebody linked on reddit.

For the rest of my life, every time I see a hurricane tracking over NOLA it’s “christ, not again.”

I hope you guys come through this without any issues! Best wishes from here at least.

Houston resident here, but I work with a lot of folks in New Orleans. Stay safe and check in once the storm’s moved through.

Yikes, I woke up this morning to find the hurricane skirting toward coastal Louisiana. Hope everyone makes it through ok. I myself am planning to head to LA Friday, my taking my little boy to meet his great grandfather. Guess we’ll see how that shakes out too.


My dad’s family is down in Maurepas/Bear Island, LA, and they got a decently bad time out of Katrina. Hoping this one stays weak for their sake.

Looks like some are predicting it could get to Cat 2 by landfall in LA. That’s enough to justify getting out.

The models are now saying the intensity will be pretty low, definitely under a category 3 (currently the image in the OP says cat 1 at landfall). Mayor of New Orleans says he won’t evacuate for anything under a 3, which is a good call imo. I doubt this will be anything at all, at least for the north shore of lake pontchartrain.

Nobody showed up at work today, which made me laugh. I’m there now. I don’t mean to make light of caution and preparation, but there is a limit to what is reasonable. People are going crazy.

Good luck everyone!

I think everyone is a little overcautious post-Katrina, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’d rather see businesses closed and people inconveninced for 48 hours than see anything even half as bad as what happened after Katrina. New Orleans is one of my favortie places in the entire world. Been there many times, and was born a short drive up 61N in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

You all stay safe!

I sent the family off to Pensacola to escape the storm’s main part. I’ll be riding it out as I have to stay and run the company. Sadly, our payroll company neglected to come through so now I’m gonna have about 60 employees who need their check to vacate but now will not have them until after the storm. Yup, it’s awesome to be me!

As far the my place, my house is pretty much built like a bank vault so I’m good there. Got the generator and a good supply of gas for when the power runs out. Hopefully that won’t be for more than a day or so.

I’ll let everyone know how we fare when this blows over.

Good luck LA. We got a massive amount of rain and wind, but nothing compared to the full fledged storm.

Be safe, be prepared and BE SMART.

Good luck, guys.

Know it sounds weird, but times like this I sort of envy the East Coast. At least you guys can see hurricanes coming days away.

Out here in quake country, it’s blue skies and birds singing one second and OMFG EVERYTHING IS SHAKING AND COLLAPSING the next.

I lived in northern California for about 11 years. I’ll never forget feeling my first earthquake. It was scary! Just feels very unnatural to have the earth move underneath you!

A town I used to live in, when a cyclone (hurricane) was coming in, the first thing to go was the alcohol. Priorities!

That said, good luck to all involved.

Why don’t we just build a big ass wall between Florida–Cuba–Mexico to prevent these things from entering the Gulf of Mexico in the first place?