Hurricane Katrina kills hundreds. Now: Profit!

MSNBC’s Janet Shamlian reports that “local vendors” where she’s at were selling 5 gallons of gas for $35. That’s $7 a gallon if you’re scoring at home.
I suppose some people would say it’s the force of the market. I say it’s fucking leeches sucking on the ass of society.

Yeah, it probably is selling a very scarce resource at a market price, hell they could have gotten $100 probably. But it really doesn’t show the best side of humanity.

I normally veer toward the conservative side of economics, but I really do wonder about one thing: Will oil company profits fall, stay the same or rise in the aftermath of this disaster? In my own little fantasy-brain, I imagine Bush imposing price controls on gasoline and fuel oil until this gets sorted out. Or at least some behind the scenes phone calls from Cheney suggesting that this would not be the right time for oil company revenues to skyrocket.

Unrealistic, I know. But this whole scenario is surreal. We lost a city?

So I was bracing for fuel prices to go up, but around me right now about 50% of gas stations 9PM were completely out of fuel. The others had 10-15 minute waits with premium going for $3.49/gallon.

Refiners are going to have insane profit from this. Valero is probably the most famous of these types of stocks and they have been shooting up in the last couple of days.

Oil over $70 a barrel. I don’t know where drudge got it, but he has a shot of $6.00 a gallon gas.

Edit: ah,here

Actually oil dropped today, something like 30 cents a barrel, to about $69 if I remember correctly. This didn’t stop the fuckbags from raising gasoline prices, but it’s not because oil actually went up.

Isnt the bigger problem the shutting down of the refineries. Oil can be tuppence a barrel but if you can’t refine it quickly enough petrol prices are going to go up.

I was under the impression that prior to this on a global scale it was refinery capacity that was the problem rather than the amount of oil being pumped out of the ground.

We’re at $3.39 here as of last night for basic unleaded.

Over the past 72 hours, my gas station of choice had this pricing range for the cheap gas.

$2.39, $2.49, $2.87, $2.99, $3.09, $3.59, $3.19

My head is spinning. I’m not too upset at high prices though. Atleast we still can get gas.

We’re up over $3.20 here in Vermont; they say the South and Northeast will be hit hardest, as far as gas prices go. I’m finding myself unable to get too upset over this, considering the cause.

I do think this will give our oil president the juice to destroy a whole lot of wildlife to build more refineries and pump out more profits. “Imagine the next hurricane.”

I’m in Superior, Colorado, just south of Boulder, and the cheap stuff is $2.85 at both of the local stations.

Don’t forget USA PATRIOT Act (HR 3162). I’m VERY curious about what sorta shitty partisan legislation will sneak through under the guise of hurricane relief in the next few weeks.

I spoke with a friend at a local gas station here in Northern VA. Last night, they were selling regular at $3.03 – which (according to this friend) represents a $.02/gallon profit for the station.

Anyone know if that kind of margin is normal? Makes selling gas a lousy business!

Gas stations have traditionally made their profit from concessions, much like theaters. You need to find out the markup from the fuel distributors.

$2.99 at Exxon this morning, $3.10 at Citgo. This is at least fitty cent since monday.

The price went up 10 cents while I was filling up yesterday, luckily I got the lower price.

We’re up another .50 today, bringing us closer to $4/gallon.

The normal price here is about $ 6,75 a gallon for basic unleaded.

Here being The Netherlands. We’re sadly quite used to it.

Believe me, its only going to get worse in the future. BIG TIME! Oil is a finite resource and with the new economies burning it up like there’s no tomorrow… well there might be a tomorrow, but without oil.

Oh and its not like that will be after our time. We’re talking about 10 to 15 years here, then gas will be unaffordable for the common man.

It’s $3.15 US in upstate NY. $1.25CDN/litre in Eastern Ontario (about $5 CDN a gallon).