Hurricane News: New target for forum vitriol

As I was starting to feel kindly towards humanity again, I decided to fix the emotion by visiting the freepers. From the bastion of truth, World Net Daily, we have the article “Hurricane hits just before homosexual event”. Comments:

Maybe so.
Same problem in Tsunami area.

Homosexuals taking advantage of poor children in Indonesia and other areas hardest hit by Tsunami.

Also the government in that Tsunami area banned Christmas.

The only people to survive in the Tsunami were people taking refuge in a Christian church.

There seems to be a common thread here.

God may put up with decadence for years, decades, centuries – but eventually He calls a halt to it.

Rhombus you obviously are not a believer. Of course this type thing brought on the swift answer by a heavenly father who disdains to see his children revel in their vomit. But maybe it had nothing to do with a God who directly sent a storm nto the city, maybe it just had to do with a God who took away a hedge that had protected the city. Either way the hand of God struck one of the most “sin celebrating” cities of our day. The same was true in the tsunami areas.

Only a blind man would be unable to see a relationship between the character of a nation, city, or area and the way that God has dealt with that area. The city itself took down the hedge that had kept it safe all these years via flaunting wickedness before the throne of God in many similar ways that Sodom did. Now if they keep it up they might be surprised again at what devastation can occur with each and every storm yet to come this hurricane season.

Doesn’t Qt3 seem a bit more tolerant and rational now?


Insanity is so sad.

Did I miss the press conference from God saying he wiped out New Orleans because of the Homos?

Asia had it coming though. That’ll teach them for being poor, heathens living near the coast who allow homos (shouldn’t that be peadophiles?) to interfere with their kids.

I guess Biloxi and other devastated areas were just collateral damage in God’s war.


Dude, didn’t you see the picture of the gambling boat washed ashore in Biloxi? Collateral damage my ass!

Dude, didn’t you see the picture of the gambling boat washed ashore in Biloxi? Collateral damage my ass![/quote]

I also saw the picture of the church that looked like the shell of a bombed out building. Must be collateral damage, no?


It was probably a black people church.

Vicar was a homo.

Oswald too.