Hurry up and watch the powerpoint, we're at war

Funny story by an army reservist assigned to Kuwait.

Saturday mornings were the training meeting, with military officers and contractors driving in from all over Kuwait to resolve common issues. At my first meeting, they argued over which budget would pay for a set of orange plastic safety cones that were needed to mark training boundaries. The military is full of men who like to play at being intensely Glengarry Glen Ross, even when the context doesn’t quite serve the drama. They tended to go something like: “You wanna go hardball on this, Jim, we can go ahead. I know how to play that game to the wall, brother, so bring it on, and we’ll see whose nuts get crushed when the game gets played. But you better just know this, and I shit you not: That 180 bucks for damn sure ain’t comin’ out of my fucking budget.” It’s more painful to watch this stuff when you’re 8,000 miles from home. It goes on for hours.