Hustle and flow (spoilers)

I saw this over the weekend, and am still trying to decide if I liked it or not. I really did not care much for the main character through two thirds of the movie, but I stuck it out and he seemed to grow on me. I understand they were going for realism, and it did seem realistic that a pimp would act like such a self-centered punk, but I didn’t particularly enjoy getting to know him. My opinion didn’t really change until the scene where his high school buddy anounces how much he has invested in the outcome of their partnership, and the pressure was on for D Jay. I like the gritty realism thing, it was really the only reason I sat it out and waited for some sort of an emotional investment with D Jay, but then I was really surprised with the happy happy Hollywood ending. I know it must sound like I hated this movie, but there was something compelling about it, besides the music. I just can’t put my finger on what it was. Who else saw this?

Who else saw this?

Hopefully everyone who reads your post, because everyone else isn’t going to appreciate the spoilers. :)


Yeah, I saw it this weekend and my reaction was very similar. The performances were outstanding, but I really hated the lead character and was not that interested in the basic plot arc. Of course, we all love to see people bootstrap themselves out of abject poverty, but I can’t help but wonder what we are to think of all the other people who don’t win the professional sports/acting/musician lottery that these types of films often use. So the ending was actually a surprise to me, and the way into didn’t devolve into hysterics or bathos earned my admiration. But overall, in my mind it didn’t manage to sustain the brilliant opening monologue.

Ack, sorry guys. I didn’t mean to spoil the movie for anyone.

This from someone who went out with some folks from our church the first Sunday after Harry Potter came out and then learned who died. I was so shocked. I looked at the gal who did it and was like, You’re a church lady! I expect more from the likes of you!