Hustle on AMC

Have to say, I’ve been impressed with this show the past two weeks. Is this something I’d missed before? (eg, an older BBC show which has been imported?) or is it truly something being produced by AMC/BBC now?

If anyone’s interested, I believe episode premieres are on Saturday night, with reairings the following Sunday and Friday evenings. The show plays out like a con movie (think Sting, Ocean’s 11, Diggstown) and does it well.

Anyone else watching this?


I thought this was going to be about that ESPN movie about Pete Rose.

It’s a BBC show which aired in the UK last year or maybe the year before.

I watched it intermittently and found that the quality dropped as the series proceeded with each plot becoming increasingly reliant upon script-prescience and outlandish contrivance. Although, that’s a standard pitfall of almost all con/caper stories so I’m filing the show under “watch with martini”.

Hustle’s fun, but it falls into the trap that the main characters are godlike in both luck and skill - it lets them screw up a bit in the first series, but quickly falls into the trap where every set-back, no matter how potentially dangerous or ludicrously outlandish, is all part of The Plan.

They stop screwing up in later ones? So far I’ve seen the first 6 episodes, and they’ve avoided the Super Plan. I particularly liked when Mickey was seduced by the girl he was supposed to seduce.

That’s their lowest point. They always succeed, but by Series 2 there’s almost no doubt of it. It’s all fake-outs, and setbacks almost invariably turn to have been a core part of the plan from the start.

I just watched the first disc of this, which Netflix recommended to me because I love The Wire so goddamn much. I thought it was pretty awesome so far, and it strikes me as Ocean’s Eleven: The Series. If season 2 is Ocean’s Twelve: The Series, I might give it a miss.

I thought they were going to get seriously burned in the third episode (the one with the forged Mondrian) because Mickey got all the way to the meeting without verifying that the painting was in the case. Was very glad when that was not the case.

Series 2 is a bit smug. It picks up again for Series 3 and 4, mostly because Danny ends up taking more charge of the team, and he’s nowhere near as experienced as Mickey.