Hyper Scape - Ubisoft's Apex

I was annoyed you would put a space between Hyper and Scape. But, nope, apparently that’s how they chose to spell the name of the game.

Uh oh. Expect a flood of new people with one or two scathing comments.:)

Battle royale is the new Mario.

BR is an unusual genre in that latecomers have found varying degrees of success and the first popular game that introduced the gametype is still quite popular. That didn’t happen with previous “me too” genres like MMOs. Fortnite is incredibly successful but it didn’t dominate the way World of Warcraft did (and does). In MOBAs you have LoL and then everything else far behind. So who knows, maybe the Battle Royale genre has legs.

That’s because unlike BR, which went from terrible to better and better during its early years, MMOs were mostly awesome from the get go, right up until Blizzard shit up the genre with WoW.


Well that came out of nowhere.

ps Crucible is DOA :(

Probably sponsored streams. We’ll see if it has staying power.

Twitch drops for beta access. Same as they did with Valorant to boost the stream numbers.

Haven’t seen much, but first impression is that it looks like a faster version of Apex Legends.

The official announcement is here in less than 6 minutes:

Yep, Valorant’s numbers dropped precipitously also I see.

I’m not a fan of any of these genres, but it seems to me that Battle Royales and even MOBAs are likely far more attractive to beginners than hardcore CS:GO style shooters with extremely high skill caps. Blizzard understood that and went the exact opposite direction with Overwatch.

Then again Blizzard tried that same strategy with their MOBA and it failed, so you’re always tossin’ the dice.

This is true, but the Valorant numbers on Twitch are broadly keeping up with CSGO most of the time unless there’s a good pro game being streamed. So that’s quite promising for a brand new title.

Once their own pro scene is more solidified it should improve if they don’t completely drop the ball.

This Ubi game looks like a snooze fiesta.

Just like Valorant then.

Yes a rng festival with a gigantic ttk has so much in common with a skill based, round format tactical shooter.

Boring or not is opinion, but the hilarious rng on display of this game was laughable and the design is going kill it. There did not appear to be anything that I saw it do better than the competition (cod, Apex or Fortnite).

Be interesting to see how many BR games the market can support. Warzone and Fortnite are the current top it seems based on streaming which may or not reflect users. Apex has fallen off but maintains a solid base still.

Also, PUBG is still the third biggest game on Steam.

I managed to squeeze in a game of Hyper Scape, and it’s kinda like Unreal Tournament BR. Extremely fast paced, like an arena shooter, which is why I don’t understand why anyone would call it “boring”. It’s not for me though, as I’m way too old for this kind of pace.

But it definitely could fit into the BR space, that is, if people want a BR this fast.

It’s boring because an actual arena shooter is not random. If you want to just zoom around I guess it’s ok, but with the verticality and squads and different weapons it’s just chaos.

That’s boring to me.

I’m pretty over BR games in general, but if I were to bother I sure as hell wouldn’t pick this. Radical Heights was more interesting than this.

I have a great idea for a Battle Royale in my head… honestly it’s fantastic.

Sadly it will remain in my head forever, since i’m not a programmer and don’t own a game company.

Can’t you just create a Kickstarter campaign for it, hire a promo team, and then worry about all that other stuff later?

Guess I should post the overview trailer.