Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half.

It’s funny.

Only sort of half-web-comic (other half is humorous blog), hence not putting it in the web comic thread.

It’s already been mentioned in the web comic thread! :P

Some of the stories are hysterical. Check the youtube video for the goose attack as well, I was in tears watching that.

Thank you so much for that, today’s was hilarious. I love how much character that little stick kid manages to show.

Thanks. Good comic / blog / whatever. Funny perspectives on life.

She’s back. Eighteen months since her last post, which was about how depression was consuming her life. This one is unsurprisingly about how depression consumed her life, and it’s really informative about the inner workings of depression for those who haven’t experienced it, really cathartic for those who have, and really funny for everyone. I’ve worried about her during the hiatus. When someone writes autobiographically, you begin to feel like you know them, so it was kind of like a friend dropping off the radar for an extended period of time. I hope she feels like writing more often, because she is an excellent author and we are all poorer when she’s not writing.

So true. In a LTR with someone suffering from massive, life-shattering depression and it’s just hellish all around. That post really clarified and gave context to the things I’ve experienced in the last year or so, so I am truly enriched by Allie’s writing on this subject. Goddamn it’s good.

From the webcomics thread. New book later this summer.

I immediately recognized, though I didn’t share, her hyperfocused mania in “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” but I felt a profound shock of empathy on seeing “Go to the motherf*cking BANK”:

and her gradual realization that “adult” things weren’t something you did once and were done with.

What’s weird to me is that it’s “only” been about ten years since she started Hyperbole and a Half. In my head, I’d have sworn she’d been doing it since the early aughts or even late '90s.

Anyway, I’m awfully glad to see she’s still alive and working, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new material.

Allie (Alli? the author anyway) being open about her struggles with mental illness was an impactful moment in my life. Not just because she’s hilarious, though obviously she is, but that was just not something that people in my life/culture did. Ever. I am eternally grateful to her for it.

In a time when our institutions and leaders are failing us, it’s wonderful to see a giant from the past striding back to us.

I just checked in on this yesterday, as I thought it was already out. One week to go.


God Allie is the best. Awful to read about what happened with her fb/twitter, but I’m following along on Instagram to enjoy her wonderful brand of madness.


Really looking forward to this. I have it on hold at the local bookstore, so it should be waiting for me to pick up.

At least, I hope it’ll be waiting. This is one of those local shops that’s kind of hit or miss, depending on who answers the phone.