I actually own this

The Star Wars Christmas Album

I also have an Ewok Christmas.

Yeah thats horrible Xmas music I skimmed through all the songs.

At least it’s just Xmas music with Starwars characters singing, actually its mainly C3P0 with some sounds of other characters.

It could have been much worse, they could have taken the fantastic music from the actual Star Wars score and added Xmas vocals on them.

[I also have an Ewok Christmas.[/quote]

I’m hearing Alvin and the Chipmunks singing carols! :shock:

Heh, I remember having that in the house when I was a kid. What do you get a wookie for christmas when he already owns a comb?

My sister brought home a new dvd this Christmas: the Star Wars Christmas Special! This was a 2 hour made for tv show from 1978 featuring the cast of Star Wars and a story about Han trying to get Chewy home in time for “Life Day”.

It also featured Bea Arthur singing with the Cantina band, Art Carney, and a cartoon starring Boba Fett.

Really really horrific stuff. It makes Episodes 1 & 2 look good.

God help me, I bought the CD version as a lark a few years ago. It truly is horrific.

It’s also the first recorded appearance of a very young John Bon Jovi (AND his school choir). I think that’s the Call of Cthulhu I hear…