I always thought Indians were more enlightened


Man wants to sue Liz Hurley and her husband for insulting Hindu tradition by sitting on a sofa instead of the floor at their wedding.

The petition was filed under section 295 A of the Indian Penal Code, which makes it an offence punishable by three years in jail to “outrage” any group’s religion with “deliberate and malicious intention.”

Wow. Just thinking back over my last year’s Qt3 posts, I’d probably be doing hard time now.

Just wait until Pat Robertson’s attorneys get ahold of you!


They cast the spell wrong! Save against magic to avoid blast damage!

You shoulda seen the riots the Indians had over that movie with the lesbian housewives.

The Sofa is MINE!

You betrayed Shiva!

Obviously a nation of billions doesn’t have any stupid people in it.

The name of the movie is Fire and it’s really good. I’ve also seen the director’s latest movie, Water, and that was very interesting, as well.

Anders Hallin, Lesbian Studies, Ph.D.

Can you think of a better field to have a PhD in?

Now, how did you spell that movie title again?

EDIT: Also, apparently some people take offense when you make a cartoon featuring a clone of their country’s founder.

Was I the only one who clicked this thread hoping Dirt was referring to Native Americans?

I clicked hoping for more Dirty Chink Racism™ but I did guess he was talking about India.