I am 1 of the 7 in the U.S. who do not own WC3

For starters, I am not and have never been a huge RTS fan. I will download an RTS demo and usually get bored with all of the clickety-click-clicking before actually buying the full version. That said, I have bought one of the C&C games and AoK and have enjoyed them for brief periods, but have quit before finishing all the campaigns.

After the heated debate between Tom Chick (and one or two others) and everyone else on the board regarding WBCII and it’s merits as opposed to WC3 and it’s lack of innovation, I picked up Battlecry II. I love it and agree it seems much less of a clickfest than many of it’s predecessors in the genre. The campaign set up cuts to the chase so that all you have is battle after battle. I must admit, though, I ended up missing a little of a story running through it. OTOH, I understand Warcraft has this feature in spades.

I am still on the fence. My mortgage payment, car payment, wife, and child prevent me from running out and buying a game every time I find one that mildly interests me. Also, Blizzard is just sooooo special and popular that they feel no need in ponying up a demo.

Before I buy Warcraft 3 and join the herd (you are all sheep, sheep I tell ya’), I would like wumpus and others to chip in and provide me with a money back guarantee and say, unequivocally, that any gamer who is even mildly interested in the RTS genre should run, not walk, right out and grab Blizzard Entertainment’s masterpiece known as Warcraft III.

Please convince me and sign here________________ to contribute to my money-back offer

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and I will march out of work today, go to EB, and pick up Warcraft 3 with my hard earned giftcards my mommy gave me for my birthday.


Tyler Jenkins
Bookkeeper at Dirt Poor Gamer, Inc.

Story? Warlords Battlecry 2 has a story? :shock:

I liked Warcraft 3 but I can’t promise you that every RTS fan will enjoy it. It has a cartoony fantasy look that I really love, combined with a high-quality presentation of a serviceable storyline. Outside of the campaign I found little to like in Warcraft 3 but the inhabitants of Battle.net would disagree with me there.

Well, I only play RTS online and with the new patch it is now even possible to play the skirmish mode in Warcraft 3. So while I might have been slightly hesitant firmly recommending the game before the patch, after the patch Warcraft 3 is pretty good. It has firmly replaced Age of Kings as my favorite online game.

Story? Warlords Battlecry 2 has a story? :shock:

Sorry, I was not clear. There was no story and while I thought I would not care, I eventually realized I missed something tying it all together. Even if it had only been a thin thread of storyline as it is with stories in most turn-based games.

Never mind, I misread you there. I agree with you on that point, having a series of scenarios with no narrative connection isn’t terribly satisfying for me either.

Warcraft 3 is fairly cheap now-- a bunch of places have it for $30. Why don’t you buy ExecutionerFive’s copy ;) Or just try eBay and see what they’re going for.

If you’re really on the fence-- since there isn’t a demo-- you can try borrowing a friend’s copy, or making a copy of the game yourself and use the crack. This should go without saying, but if you end up playing the game more than two hours, you’re ethically obligated to buy it, unless you want Adam @ Sierra to storm your home in riot gear with fully automatic rifles.

Warning, some of the very newest games (UT2003, Hitman 2, NOLF2) have a truly uncopyable protection scheme.

I am playing both NOLF2 and UT2003 right now with downloaded “try before you buy” copies and I don’t even need my burned CDs in the drive to play them. Someone should do some research befor wagging his tongue.

I meant uncopyable via 1:1 clonecd for a perfect working backup.

Anything can be “copied” with a crack; that’s trivial.

The single player campaign is good in Warcraft 3. I was enjoying it while I was playing it. It has a good story and varied missions. As for multiplayer, I pretty much suck at RTS games and as I complained before the matching system can’t find matches for people as bad as me. Oddly enough I could beat skirmish about half the time before the difficulty slider patch but I am sure it is even more forgiving now (haven’t tried the new patch). If you can get it for $30 it is a good buy for the single player and skirmish alone.

– Xaroc

I was also the 1 of 7 in Australia that didn’t own WC3 until recently - and only then because I purchased it as a half-price special.

It’s a polished game and technically magnificent but I am still in two minds about the gameplay.

Maybe we can have a QT3 “crappy Warcraft 3 players” game some night. :-)

I suck because I’ve only played online for a couple of hours so far. My L33t RTS skillz are mighty rusty compared to the days when Elliot Chin and I were the scourge of Battle.net in Starcraft.

(Sad moment: Getting sick of experienced guys picking on newbies, so starting a game called “newbie game” hoping to attract a couple of hot SC players looking for easy marks, and then kick their butts. Alas, the two other guys who joined really WERE newbies, we discovered. Ironic that we became what we sought to destroy…)

Maybe we can have a QT3 “crappy Warcraft 3 players” game some night

Count me in. :)

The very fact that you who suck at MP are still endorsing and playing the game improves Warcraft’s standing with me.

I pretty much bowed out of online play after my Myth: TFL days. It was great fun at first. Then, in a couple of months the hardcore guys swooped in and it was ugly. I sucked in team play so I would get bitched at incessantly by my teammates who all seemed to be 15 or at least chatted at a 15 year old level in-game.

I must have developed a phobia because I have not played online much since. I feel that if I do not get a game when it comes out and train non-stop, my skills will be trampled on within a few weeks. And, heaven forbid, I should wait as long as I have to buy W3 and then try to play on battle.net. Ugh! The Horror!!!

I wouldn’t even start playing online until you can consistently beat the computer AI on “normal” skill. Multiplayer against other people is going to be very challenging, particularly in a game of Blizzard-type popularity.

Once you do venture online, if you lose, watch the replays of your matches to see where you went wrong and what your opponent did right. These are essential in learning what to do and what not to do. Don’t get upset when you lose. Learn from your losses-- this is key-- and soldier on.

If you’re very hesitant try 3vs3 or 4vs4 games. This takes a bit of the pressure off you individually and places it on the teamwork, which can be as easy as simply coordinating your attacks effectively.

Here’s a good WC3 replay site. The last 15 replays-- from a 32 person invite tournament-- were amazing, some of the best I’ve seen. You can learn a lot about how to play effectively by watching these guys:


I’ll reprint my “idiot’s guide to multiplayer WC3” here:

  1. never have money in the bank unless you’re saving for something specific. If you find yourself with 1,500 gold in the bank, you are screwing up. SPEND SPEND SPEND. On upgrades, towers, or units.

  2. You should be creeping the map and levelling up your hero, or attacking the enemy. If you find yourself sitting around with your troops doing nothing, you are screwing up. Get moving.

  3. don’t stay in unwinnable battles. The absolute WORST thing you can do is let your enemy get a significantly larger force than you, and that’s easy to do if you lose one big decisive battle. If it is clear you will not win a battle, RUN AWAY or TELEPORT OUT. Then build up for the next attack so you will be on more equal footing.

  4. expanding is important, but it’s not always critical. Know when to expand (particularly if you’re low on gold, you must), but don’t sacrifice your entire army for an expansion. Remember, your enemy can’t defend his expansion if you decimate his army-- then you can retaliate.

Also try to engage in positions where you are strong, eg, near your towers. Sometimes expansions are nice for this if you can get towers up-- you keep the expansion and their army is reduced more than yours is courtesy of your tower support.

I’m in - I suck too. :roll:

I’m also one of the few who doesn’t have WC3. I’m mainly into single player gaming. And I just don’t have much love for build and attack RTS games. Forced narratives don’t do much for me as a gamer - I’m much more interested in seeing what kinds of war stories arise out of the actual gameplay.

My easy favorite in strategy gaming this year is Medieval: Total War. I can’t vouch for multiplayer, though as I recall Shogun: Total War still has a very active community, but the single player campaign mode is a rush. It still has some kinks to be worked out but, man, no serious gamer should miss out on this one.

I’ll reinstall for this. How about Thursday or Friday night?

Thanks all for your moral support and wumpus for typing up his MP guide. I am starting to cave. My next semi-weekly trip to EB is Friday. Now all I need is advice on which box art does everyone prefer and whether I should get the old-timey big or new space-sensitive box.

I never really believed that advertising has worked on me other than making me aware of a product. However, I am starting to buy into the fact that, “Shelf space sells games”. Sure it works on the impulse buying uninitiated, but not a hardcore 20 year videogame buying veteran like myself.

Those three and four rows of expertly drawn humans and Orcs staring at me everytime I walk in the store. The colorful screenshots. It all screams high production values and professionally done. Sure I realize I do not really play RTS’s and I have heard there has not been much innovation, but look at them. Glaring at me, calling to me;

Must…buy…War…craft III… Everyone is doing it. Join the herd, join the herd, join the herd… You are the only one missing out on the fun… Look at all of those pretty boxes. Look…that one on the second row down, third from the left…that one has your name written on it. Gasp Those Orc lips are moving. What are they saying? “Buy… me… n-o-w. You won’t be…soooorrrrryyyyyy!”

Every time I am in the store this or something similair has happened over the past week or so. The shelf space wears you down and even the most jaded gamer can become a drooling, defenseless, gullible lump of flesh with a credit card heating up in your back pocket. If that card is not given air, it will melt and destroy the pictures of your grandparents and the coupon for Boardwalk Fries which you have had for 6 months.

EB opened up here 5 mins. ago and the voices are getting louder by the day. I wonder if I can make it to the mall and back on my lunch break.

I was very sceptical about buying WC3. I loved Starcraft, but mainly because of the multiplayer aspect. SC had a good campaign, but it was the strength of the multiplayer that kept me playing.

I was hearing a ton of bellyaching about the multiplayer. Bad balance, quick gameplay, nothing but rushes, towers being useless, etc… All of this made me really gunshy about buying the game.

Well, a few weeks ago, our local CompUSA had a bit of a deal on XBox packages. Buy an Xbox and a game and they’d throw in a free game and controller. I was having a hard time deciding on my “free game” when the salesguy suggested I get WC3. “Ummm, that’s a PC game, buddy” I reminded him, but he insisted that I could get it as my bonus game.

After playing Halo for a few hours, I fire WC3 up, trying to curb my expectations for the single player game. Much to my surprise, the single player game was even better than I expected. Fun story, nice variety of missions, and a nice learning curve. So over the next 2 weeks I beat the single player campaign and moved on to the multiplayer option.

I fire up the scirmish, expecting to get waxed by the apparently insane AI. I did pretty good on my first 2 attempts, but still lost eventually. I followed the “wumpus rules” but was still losing (argh). So I watched the replay to see what I did wrong. The big thing was, I was too cautious. I waited until I had a decent sized force before I went out creeping, so the AI had 2 heroes, levels 5 and 4, against my levels 4 and 2.

Just playing the AI and watching the replays did wonders for my strategy. Now I can consistantly beat the AI witht he new “normal” setting (although I still get spanked on Insane) and have been holding my own on Battle.net. I still suck, but I’m sucking less.

So, despite all my trepidation about the game, I’m loving every minute of it. It’s very well polished, especially after the newest patch. Fighting the Nightelves still annoys me with their durn huntress brigade, but I’m working on that.

although I still get spanked on Insane

That’s OK-- the computer cheats on Insane. More gold, etc. Don’t worry about beating Insane.