I am a Square Fanboy

As such, I should report to you that I now have FF4 Advance. (I could have sworn it was a DS title, but oh well.)

I am such a fanboy, in fact, that I am reporting this before I’ve even played it, since I’m still at work. However, merely owning a rework of a game I played about 30000 hours worth already makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.

I fully realize this makes me a sad panda, but I’m OK with this.

I may update this thread later once I actually open the box and play the game! Or not.

I want this game as well, but I mistakenly put it on a christmas list, so now I have to wait till january to pick it up.

I was on the fence if I wanted to reserve this or not, since I fully expect I won’t have much time to put into it. But I may just pick it up so I can own it. I played this game so much when I was a kid. I might just pick this up at the store (assuming they have copies left :P) after work.

Yeah I am in the same boat. Its on the list for Xmas and now I have to wait.

FF3 is the one thats coming out for the DS BTW.

Any news on FFV?

Thats a good question. I looked around and noticed that it was not on any pre release lists. I was under the impression that 4 and 5 would be coming out at nearly the same time.

I didnt hear that it was pulled so I assume that it will come out eventually but the GBA release list is pretty barren these days ( except for the mega man collection which was supposed to be out like a year ago ) so I hope it comes out soon.

Really it looks like the GBA is nearing the end of its life span when you take a look at the release lists. /sadface

Yeah right. Dirty fuckers.

Well unless they plan on showing something new at E3 it could be that way. Who knows what they have up their sleeve though.

I vote for portable gamecube.

It’s about time, really. How long has the GBA been out now? And where in the hell is Chrono Trigger Advance?

flowers and springtime

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Reed and Charles agree!

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When you put it that way, perhaps I misunderstood. I thought he was replying to this:

Really it looks like the GBA is nearing the end of its life span when you take a look at the release lists. /sadface

Really it looks like the GBA is nearing the end of its life span when you take a look at the release lists.

November Hardware Sales for North America according to the NPD group.

Game Boy Advance 892,438
GameCube 278,284
Nintendo DS 381,619
PlayStation 2 546,096
PlayStation Portable 359,772
Xbox 191,320
Xbox 360 332,121

The GBA is going to be around for a very long time.

Thats the second time I have seen that pulled out but looking at the release lists say otherwise. Take a look at the PSP vs DS vs GBA lists and you can see what I mean. Hell its going on 5 years since the first GBA was released in the US its getting to be that time I think.

I think Ninteno was hedging its bets on the GBA, but the DS has proven it’s ready to take on the mantle.

I figure we’ll see a new model DS announced before (or around) E3 time.


I simply love the new graphic of the I&II and from time to time I go in the bestiary of the first chapter just to hear the battle theme. The music is an absolute masterpiece.

I so want to see what they did with this new chapter.

FF6 on the GBA would be pure love.

Well my company/studio has GBA games scheduled to be developed for entire forseeable future, infact we might even be ramping it up a bit. Also the sales of GBA vs DS titles is hugely in favour of the GBA titles and that trend doesn’t seem to be changing at all.