I Am Become Citizen Kane

OK, I’m cribbin’ my own prior subject line so sue me.

If you were dying and had to utter one word, what would it be? Kane muttered “Rosebud”. I would probably say “Zachary”, the name of my son. Yeah I know it’s CBT (Cheesey But True).

What ONE word would you say and why?


“Gaaaaaayy” as spoken in Shaun of the Dead by the fat guy.

Erik J.



A desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable.


“Scooty Puff Jr. suuuuucks…”

There is another…Skywalker.

Oh well if we get a whole phrase, I’d go with “Give my big hearts to Maude, Dwayne…”

“He who is valorous and pure of heart may find the Holy Grail in the aaaaarrrrrrggghhh…”



“Fooled you!”

“The gold is buried at…”


Or, more likely, “Crap.”

“My God! It’s full of STARS!”

“You think water moves fast? You should see ice.”


“I came. Thanks.”

“I shit my shirt.”