I Am ... Fish: Swim…Roll…Fly…Bite…Survive!

I tried to check it out on my Series S but I just get a title screen with the press any button prompt and nothing happens. Going to try deleting it and re-downloading it.

And dammit wish I saw this tweet before I did that…

That looks like a trap!

And it doesn’t seem to let you invert look with a controller? Wtf.

Stop hijacking our fish thread.


after 25+ years of playing inverted I went cold turkey two years ago and relearned what is now called ‘normal’. You can too ;)

Aaaah, Magnetic Scrolls. That brings back memories. Haven’t seen this image for over 30 years but recognized it instantly.

Played 3 levels and enjoyed it. A little rage inducing but also strangely relaxing. My kid had a lot of fun. I hated IAmBread. Like this one though.

Three levels was enough to think it wasn’t for me. Clunky physics based platformer with three rations extra of inertia (which makes it very trial & error, as seeing an obstacle with seconds of warning isn’t enough to rectify the course), and that isn’t able to save your progress between levels? Nope.
The technical performance is ifffy, too.