I Am Murloc

I hope the search function didn’t fail me again.

I Am Murloc

Aside from horribly misspelling the murloc gurgle, that’s pretty awesome.

I want a troll guitar!

That’s awesome.

Ha ha - Blizzard wins again.


Awesome. No joke they need some cool instruments in WoW.

This song had better be an unlockable in Rock Band.

I do not like WoW but that was a great video.

That was fricken awesome. And a good song, too.

Sort of a Metallica meets Iron Maiden vibe, heh.

Hell, if they had let me play guitar in WoW I might still be playing.

I love the drummer.

The undead basist reminds me of Wes Borland:

Just being nit-picky, but the Undead (and Wes) is a guitarist. The troll is playing the bass. :)

Fucking sweet.

I also love that the undead guitar is modeled on the Arcanite Reaper.

Arcanite Reaper HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

God, that was terrible music.

Yeah, maybe they’ll introduce the bard class come next expansion…

That was at least fifteen separate and distinct kinds of awesome.

Damn, I really wish Murlocs had been one of the playable races.