I am now the "you kids get off the lawn" guy

Look the guy just needs a break and is avoiding his wife

Then do it with something other than a 2-stroke engine!

We have that shit here too.

Pro: We don’t have to take care of the grounds here in our community, it’s part of my HOA fee (townhome.)

Con: They are here what feels like any actual day you are able to sleep in, and they are here early. Or any confrence call time you have to join while working from home, or anytime you have an important call, etc.

I hate leaf blowers. I can’t wait for battery powered everything at some point, anything to cut down at least a little noise.

Same here. The thing is, with the weather here, we never know what day they will arrive. So it’s like SURPRISE the annoying noise is here.

And the sound of the guys trimming the bushes right outside the damn windows. Over and over again.

One time I was walking one of our dogs in a neighborhood park and I spot a guy in his 20s, also with a dog. The dog is taking a dump and I just knew – KNEW – the guy was not going go clean it up. I knew this cuz usually when my dog is taking a dump, I start getting the bag ready. This guy made no such motions.

So the dog finishes, and he starts walking away, and I called out, “You gonna clean that up?” And he looks at me with a glare and responds, “But I don’t live here.”

I’ve thought about that response for a long time since. The “logic” behind it. It was perfectly appropriate, he felt, to leave a pile of shit there because he did not live in the community. To this guy, it made perfect sense. I inferred that he did clean up near his own home.

Anyway, I walked over to him, handed him a bag, and said, “All the more reason to clean it up.” And he did, in fact, do so.

That’s a good power move. We have those here too, one was a lady with a HUGE husky that lived over a block away. She would specifically walk her dog over to our back shared driveway for the townhomes and let her dog let loose, then casually turn around and walk back to her house. It took some sleuthing to figure out who it was. Eventually I saw her out there and took one of our dogs out at the same time. I said hello, then as I saw him pooping I mentioned, “oh hey, you must be the lady that lives over in unit ####,” “you should pick up the dog poop, you know the HOA here fines people who don’t right?”

After she nervously replied that she did not know, I pointed out the doggie bag dispenser not 15 feet from her and mentioned there was also one in the large pet area right outside her row as well. And that’s the last time I saw the giant poop piles.

I kind of feel like picking up after your pet is akin to the shopping cart theory as a judgement of character.