I Am Setsuna - old school JRPG, nostalgia, lots of snow

Just as a reminder, I Am Setsuna is out today on Steam.

Reviews are largely positive so far, and it’s certainly a game I will play at some point. Anyone here playing?

Largely positive except for RPS, anyway: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/07/19/i-am-setsuna-review/

I have too many other JRPGs on my plate to check it out right now, but maybe on a sale.

I got it too. Rpgs that focus on story and characters are too rare these days for me not to support this one.

It looks like GreenManGaming has this 20% off (or 9% of the “collector’s edition”) – I was going to pick this up on the PS4 for some couch gaming, but the discount may push me onto the PC.

I was really excited, but the reviews I’ve read today have been mixed, with a consensus that it lacks the charm that defined Chrono Trigger and other classics. Now I can’t see spending $40 for it. I’ll wait until it hits $20 and just play something from my backlog instead. Oh, well.

It is the year 2016 and we still have games that don’t work with the xbox one controller. Absolute stupidity.

Steam controller to the rescue.

I played about 15 minutes just to check it out. It seems like a pretty well done traditional JRPG.

Combat system is very standard. They have an element of activeness to the combat by allowing you to save points and then push a button after activating an ability/doing something in order to get a bonus. This is kind of a dumb mechanic that doesn’t add anything to the game. They should have either made the mechanic more interesting or not included it at all. They easily could have just let you empower abilities when selecting them.

Hard to tell much about the story, but it seemed potentially interesting.

The snow looks good.

As a programmer, i got a laugh out of this:

Now i am going to back to finish my Star Ocean 5 playthrough.

I feel like we went from “Tales games are the only modern platform JRPGs” to “excess of wealth” really quickly in the last few months. And about time. Unfortunately, while I’ve been looking forward to this one, that newfound surfeit probably means this is going to sit until at least the Winter sale.

Spent an hour with it. Refunded.

Jamming a bunch of tired anime tropes into the Final Fantasy X plot while weighing down the whole affair with most of the bad elements of 16-bit JRPGs is not my idea of a good time.

Whereas it sounds exactly like my idea of a good time. Curse my lack of free time!