I am teh ZOMBIE Reagan! RAWR!


From the FAQ:

Why is Vice President Cheney been replaced on the ticket with Zombie Reagan?

Vice President Cheney has decided to step down, in order to spend more time with his family.

Additionally, his de-aging process requires that he bathe in the blood of virgins on an increasingly frequent basis. While this has not hampered his ability to perform the duties of his office in any way, it sort of creeps Condi out.

The rumor that the Vice President was moved to an undisclosed location and lost is untrue.

Is Zombie Reagan up to the task?

Yes. The zombification process offers a complete rejuvenation of physical ability, and Zombie Reagan has the constitution of twenty-year-old athlete. In fact, he no longer needs to sleep and can withstand any wound save the complete destruction of his head. By way of example, Zombie Reagan would have been able to shrug off his 1981 assassination attempt and eat his attacker. He and President Bush enjoy clearing brush together.