I am the king of the arcade

No, not THAT kind of arcade. I mean the arcade they have at Six Flags with all the games you can play for a couple bucks to try to win a stuffed animal.

My 4-year old boy wanted me to play for him, and for only the second time in my life, I won the jumbo prize - a huge stuffed animal (to win, I went three for three throwing baseballs at small plates).

Which was great until my 5-year old daughter wanted me to win one for her. Now I had to explain the concept of lucky throws to her, plus blow another 4 bucks trying in vain to repeat my accomplishment.

Still though, much to my wife’s chagrin, I can’t pass one of those types of games without giving it a try.

Wow man, that’s tough.

I want one, too!

Tom Chick wants a giant cow. Do not upset him.

You have a lot of free time these days, don’t you?

Yeah I won one of those big dolphins too… it’s cool and all until you come home and realize they are completely worthless :).

No raining on parades here! :lol: And to little kids, bigger = better! My wife wanted me to win her a stuffed animal at the county fair a couple of years ago. Ummm let’s just say after my 20th attempt I got a “I’m sorry you suck so bad, here’s a stuffed animal for trying”. My wife loves it, however I just look at it and remember why I have no fondness for sports (except on computers! :lol: )