I blame the U.S

That’s right; somehow, I know this is your fault. But at least we’re among your friends, since we’re not among your enemies, but the enemy of your enemy. Which is your friend. Yes.

And if they wanted to tell us why, exactly, that’d be nice.

Maybe “the perfidious Zionist Entity” and “Norway” sounds really alike in Arabic. I don’t know.

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Isn’t it obvious? Norway is run by zionist jews bent on flooding the market with cheap oil and destroying OPEC’s power. And haven’t you heard that Norwegians sacrifice muslims to snow devils? It’s true, I swear!

That explains the nice weather we’ve been having lately.

Maybe we should blame you guys for it. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the official response to this.

Wow, I dunno. Sounds fishy.

Norway was quite opposed to the war… this seems like an OPEC agenda, rather than a strictly Al-Qaeda one.

Norway sent special forces to Afghanistan. Can’t keep track of all the wars without a score card these days!

My ex-fiancee, whom I hate very much, last name was “Thorvalds” which is strikingly similar to Idar’s last name, and he started this thread. And yet most of my ethnic roots are Norwegian.

Oh paradox! I blame Islam.

I think it has more to do with Norway’s oil production.

I cannot help but think Death Metal is involved in some way.

Norway must be destroyed at all costs.

Only the male children.

Yeah, us and the rest of the western world.

Well, that’s the only thing that might remotely make sense. However, according to the Norwegian translation of the speech, he was referring to the “crusaders murdering your Iraqi brethren” or somesuch.

The whole country is collectively going “huh?” right now. He might be confusing us with Denmark, who sent an entire submarine to aid the invasion of Iraq.

Only the male children.[/quote]

You desire an end to russetida?

I read that article a couple weeks ago. I wish I was Norwegian.

I read that article a couple weeks ago. I wish I was Norwegian.[/quote]

Idar and I had arranged for me to visit during that a couple of months ago, but then I remembered I am poor and have a family here. Darn my crappy American roots.

Yeah, us and the rest of the western world.

Give them time?

That does it ! I am going to unleash my pet giant cockroaches on these damned terrorists !

It’s about time those Scandies gets what’s coming to them. They’re way more morally bankrupt than we are, what with the death metal, the social democracies and the amazon like super-women.

I say “Blame Canada”.

They’re not even a real country anyway.

All of us non-democrat Americans can get together and sell our gun racks and cowboy hats to aid the cause. Yeehaw!

Sex and intoxication are taboo? This Norway place sounds strange.

Jeez… these kids act like they’ve never done this sort of thing before!