I C Fat People

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“Hello, I’d like to know why my son can’t play Xbox live with his friends any more?”

“I’ll find out for you. Could you tell me his gamertag please?”


“I think we’re finished here.”

Big Daddy Fat Sack could be a Blues musician with a name like that.


Man, if I end up signing back up for Live if/when I get a 360, my mind is now open to a whole new style of Gamertag :)

In honour of Arrested Development, I might go with something like “Thatsnot Avolvo” :D

Are these public ids? Or more precisely, were these supposed to be private ids?

I’ve never actually seen Xbox Live in action, but my friend said they were “gamer’s tags”, so I assume they’re public.

What’s so offensive about BigAsshole?

‘Mike Oxwolen’ is actually kind of clever because at first it looks like it could be a real name.

Maybe it is…

i was in petco last year and the woman in front of me (with 14-year-old son in tow) was signing up for the loyalty card thingy. the cashier suggested that she put an email address on the card, because they sent special coupons by email. the following ensued:

mother: “honey, what is your email address? i’ll put it on here.”
son: “mumble, mumble, i don’t have one.”
mother: “i know you do. what is it?”
son: “mumble, mumble, i don’t want to.”
mother: “tell me your email address. now.”
son: “mumble, mumble… [email protected]
mother: pause turns bright red “oh.”

the best part was, she actually wrote the address on the loyalty card.

Looks like MS is learning some lessons about massively multiplayer CS…

(and no, unlike the confidentiality breach in the original post, I can’t give specifics. Let’s just say nothing surprises me any more and leave it at that.)