I can't do anything with this hair in Secret World

Title I can't do anything with this hair in Secret World
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When August 2, 2012

Okay, Secret World, you got me. Issue #1: Unleashed came out this week and I couldn't very well not take a peek. Besides, I can't let a week at Quarter to Three go by without some gripe about the game. Which I wouldn't gripe about if I didn't like it so much..

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How hard is it to make scaling content.... LOTRO lets you redo a lot of instances using the random instance/skirmish tool, and even lets you pick the difficulty level (which scales the reward accordingly)... I mean, they do not even have to invent the wheel, just copy the damn thing from LOTRO.

I think that TSW would really benefit from having "hard mode" version of Solomon Island and Egipt, akin to the similar mode in the first Guild Wars.

Currently after you get all your q10 gear you are forced to play in the Transylvania area, which while nice, is not really my favorite zone. Do not get me wrng, I am still having a blast in this game, just wish that I would have more reasons to go back to my beloved Kingsmouth (btw... http://www.kingsmouth.com/ ^_^ )

Things are about to get gross

Apple would totally sue them for this

I don't know. I kind of like the way TSW handles going back to old content. You still get exactly the same rewards, it's just that, much as the content is less challenging than it used to be, so are the rewards less impactful compared to your current lofty heights.

You actually don't get the same rewards. If you check the quest log against the actual results when you finish a quest, you'll notice you're getting short-changed when you go back to areas you've outleveled.

It's kind of an apples and oranges situation, but one of the things I loved about Xenoblade Chronicles is how it populated its areas with creatures that were far too powerful for you to beat. It meant that you knew you'd be back later and still have an appropriate level of challenge.

I'm not sure that's outlevelling stuff so much as the way experience rewards are doled out versus the way they're listed. Even in Blue Mountain - which I definitely haven't outlevelled - the experience I get for completing a quest doesn't match what was listed when I took it.

I think the way it works is that you get experience whenever you complete each tier. The experience listed is the sum from all tiers, not just the experience you see when you complete the quest. It is a little bit different how many other MMO quest experience awards are done.

Isn't Xenoblade Chronicles a....dare I say it.....Wii game!? Quick someone find out what has happened to the real Tom Chick and why he has been replaced by this Aquaman supporting, Wii game playing clone.

Hope you are happy now Tom Chick...