I can't post the name of this book

Okay - so I’m heading out to Gen Con tonight, and I picked up some literature to fill the time in transit…some Black Library 40k stuff, a book on chambara films, and this.

TKWDOE+2 (as I’ll refer to it) is about a group of adventurers in a D&D game catch on to the fact that they are in fact fictional characters being manipulated by a bunch of sexually fixated teenagers.

The prose is funny enough, but what kicked into overdrive for me were the utterly juvenile and vulgar illustrations - most of which involve bugbears with enormous phalluses…or just phalluses. Even better, there are character sheets for all the main characters, and Melick states up front that they can be used to track the character’s stats (hit points, etc.) through the book.

It probably won’t appeal to everyone, but if you dig really vulgar humor it’s seriously funny stuff.

You have to ask yourself: “if I don’t feel comfortable posting the title of the book, why did I make a whole thread about it?”

Hey, see you at GenCon! Unless you’re reading this book at the time, in which case I’ll pretend not to see you at GenCon.

I’m not uncomfortable - I was just under the impression that vulgar thread names might be frowned upon…

Hey - you’re from Cincy too? Awesome - well, I’ll be the guy with a backpack that says ‘Yellow Menace’ on the back…if you run across me say Hi!

Andre Norton did pretty much exactly the same plot 30 years ago. With predictable results. Oh, and minus the phalluses.

Thankfully I’ve managed to remove the title from my memory over the years.

Well, frankly it’s not really the concept which makes it awesome - it’s the combination of the concept and the plethora of dick jokes. It’s what role-playing with a bunch of hormonal teenage boys is really like. Plus, did Norton’s book include an amateurish illustration of a bugbear anally raping a goblin? I think not…


I take it we won’t be seeing you at Gen Con this year…

Not in the “Hormonal Teenage Boy” pen, at any rate.

Is it possible that “dildo” is the single funniest word in the English language?

Not as long as “kumquat” is still kicking around.

Plate dildonics

Platypus? Or is that only funny if you know what a platypus is?


Are you really saying what you appear to be saying here?

What, that platypus is a funny word?

It is sad that this book does not sound like my cup of tea but I would probably enjoy the illustrations in much the same way I enjoy illustrations of dinosaurs having sex with cars. (I’m laughing just thinking about it.)