I can't think of an appropriate subject....blame the regs!

OK, so we’re only talking about some two-bit hole in the wall on the Net, but the implications of what this constitutes (you’d have to read my forum comment to know what the hell I’m yammering about), has far reaching complications.

This is going to be simple and straightforward.

  1. Read this

  2. Then read this

  3. The draw your own conclusions

Isn’t lumping all “reviewer credibility” with this, whaddayacallit … Hardcoreware sort of like blaming all game developers for the overall quality of Beavis & Butthead’s Bunghole in One?

Sometimes you seem like a decent and reasonable guy. But then a hole in the wall games site gives BC3k a bad review and you immediately threaten to sue them. That makes you seem nuts.

I have not played your game. I have not read that site until today. I DO however think you’re over reacting to the review. So what, they didn’t like it, they maybe had some factual errors. Instead of blowing up about it, you might have emailed the guy you did with a request to have him look over the review to at least correct the “blatant lies”.
What I’m trying to say…relax, man. Maybe the reviewer doesn’t like you, maybe he just did a piss poor review, maybe he believes and stands behind everything he wrote. You don’t even know because you didn’t ask, just attacked.

Just some thoughts.

the guy’s a first-class idiot from the opening paragraph

Especially the wonderfully intimidating 76 page manual, which I skipped

… what a maroon :roll:

Probably. But I couldn’t come up with an adequate subject. Sorry. If you can think of one, let me know and I’ll change it pronto. :(

You must think I’m out to win a popularity contest. Wrong dude. Sorry.

This was NOT about a bad review. So, I’m not sure where you got that idea from. You might want to go back and READ what I wrote and maybe you’d find a clue there. If that still eludes you, trying READING my email to the site editor.

He gave the game 50/100 and I could care less if he gave it 5/100. I have reviews on my site with scores in the 70s and I still posted them and without a peep.

And WHERE in the review did he say that he did NOT like it? You must have read a different version from the one we’re reading.

Like I said, you actually HAVE to understand the premise in order to comprehend WHY I would take exception to this.

And grow some common sense while you’re at it

tsk tsk

Agreed. BUT…

As I indicated to the anon guest, it is NOT about not liking the game. It is about doing a review and using it to attack me. Any two-bit jackass who has EVER played this game, can take one look at that review and LOL.

He could NOT have played this game for months as he indicated, and miss the very premise of the game, the interface, the plot lines in ACM etc etc

I understand your concern, but if you had played any of my games, you would immediately see the glaring holes in this review.

Those two pricks are regulars at the (now closed it seems) beyond3d.com forums where there was a major skirmish these past two weeks. And I suspect that this was a retaliatory attack as a result. NOTHING to do with an interest in reviewing the game. At all.

Look, the game is NOT very everyone. I think the entire planet (no pun intended) knows this by now. Nevertheless, sometimes you [reviewer] might miss something (it happens all the time) and thats OK. But, this review reeks of someone who didn’t spend more than an hour or so with the game. Yet, he posts that he spent months on it. In this case, almost 11 months?!?! Anyone playing a BC game, can pick it up in about a week or so. And BCM is that much easier to get into than anything else.

I mean, the other thing is this game is totally action packed and is one of the biggest complaints I get. You are constantly on the gun and have to be on your toes. My AI engine is very, very sophisticated and even the instant action and campaign scenarios, are just top-level add-ons to an underlying self-learning NN based inference engine. As such, you don’t even have to do much to provoke a response from someone, depending on your race, caste, career selections. And the game is 100% unpredictable.

If you want to see valid issues and complaints about the game, you should read reviews from the likes of CGW, CGM, PC Gamer etc etc. I haven’t taken issue to ANY of those complaints because they are valid and within the scope of reviewers who actually PLAYED the game. And those are the reviewers (similar to those from BC3K v2.x) and user feedback, which shape the next games in the series (the same way BCM is so vastly removed from its predecessor).

THATS what I’m talking about

Bad Review From Site That Doesn’t Matter.

Seriously Derek, I understand your passion, you’re invested in BC3K body and soul. I understand your anger. But you’ve got to realize that responding to the slings and arrows of low-profile critics only elevates their profile, while diminishing yours. Almost always, even when you’re right, you’re going to look bad. I’m sure Hardcorewhatsis was THRILLED to get your response, they’re probably used to being totally ignored by developers.

I’m just saying that sometimes silence makes a stronger statement.

I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it really, truly gets to me. I just simply cannot seem to shake the feeling I get when I see something like this. It must be a curse or something. Whatever it is, I simply don’t like it - and only because I cannot control it. :(

What Bub said, Derek. I doubt anyone here had even heard of that site before.

The review had real problems, but you can’t associate the crediblity of reviewers at large with a poorly researched review on an obscure fan site. And the quality of reviews on fan sites varying dramatically from “why isn’t this guy writing for paying mags?” (which is how guys like Robin Kim and Brett Todd got contacted by the print magazines back when GamesDomain published only unpaid stuff) to “is this supposed to be english?” is a problem that goes back to about 1995.

I have to say, though, that your call to remove screen shots under the DMCA is yet another strike against the damned DMCA. If that tactic of trying to force screen shot removal under the DMCA is legal and legit, then how long until the purveyors of crappy products try to prevent reviews by telling sites/mags that the images are covered by DMCA and they post them with reviews?

Do you know what I hate?

People who do not understand the DMCA and use it as a threat to try and scare people.

  1. He has ever right to have those images up. Under the idea of fair use, fair use is granted not just to pieces that the copyright owner agrees with, it is granted to all works. So unless you are going to demand all review sites remove all your screenshots (which would cut the over storage of data for display on the Internet down by 10%), you have no right to demand this guy remove his stuff. And if I was him, I would tell you to piss off.

  2. If you contact his ISP, his ISP under the law has to contact him about the removal and then all he has to do is reply to his ISP that he believe he is using the work correctly and send the letter to his isp. According to the DMCA, his ISP then HAS TO ALLOW THE SITE TO REMAIN, or the ISP can be sued. Leaving then your only action a court injunction to have the info removed, which you would lose.

The DMCA is not some blanket that wildly covers copyright holders with no relief for the sane world. People who selectively use the law to try and quiet dissent or bully opposition are the real threat to the Internet. At this point Derek, you might as well join scientology and become a double threat.

Be rational, you just made this guys site. You haven’t made an real threats, just noise that says, Look here! Look here!

For more information about the DMCA and how to tell copyright holders to piss off, check your local library or visit http://www.chillingeffects.org


The review had real problems, but you can’t associate the crediblity of reviewers at large with a poorly researched review on an obscure fan site. And the quality of reviews on fan sites varying dramatically from “why isn’t this guy writing for paying mags?” (which is how guys like Robin Kim and Brett Todd got contacted by the print magazines back when GamesDomain published only unpaid stuff) to “is this supposed to be english?” is a problem that goes back to about 1995.

Sorry, but that wasn’t the intent. OK, I think its time I changed the subject then. :D

Good point. Bad call on my part. Besides, I expect him to laugh in my face anyway. Oh well.

Anyway, its not something I’d ever done before and was just in line with my response to this being an attack piece and not a review.

Thanks for that, Chet. I guess the DMCA is only somewhat evil, not all-encompassing evil. :-)

I don’t think anyone likes that. But since scaring the site wasn’t my intention (not sure where you got that impression from), I’m not irked by your response.

As to your interpretating of the DMCA? Well, its not entirely true. You might want to actually talk to someone who can interprete it.

If you’ve forgotten what fair use means, you might want to read up on it again Chet. No, seriously. Not sure if I can explain it correctly, but my point is (and I’m clearly not a lawyer), this was not a review, but an attack piece. To me, he’s using my stuff to attack me. OK, so it may NOT be legal and permissible under the DMCA (meaning that I can’t enforce it), but thats for an attorney to determine - and doesn’t prevent me from bitching incessantly about. :D

As I said to Denny, my intent was misinterpreted. It has NOTHING to do with scare tactics. But of course, knowing my luck, only someone like you would come up with such a preposterous notion. Oh well. :roll:

Man, you guys are brutal :D :D :D

Derek, I know with 100% certainty what I say is correct.

I get threatened with similar threats to yours on a weekly basis. Either for my own works or for sites we host. I have researched, I have checked with lawyers. You are wrong.

And that site was hardly created just to attack you - you see attacks when other people see bad reviews.

Also, real legal threats come by registered mail, not by forum posts. I have a file folder filled with them.

And lastly, don’t drink coke - it will rot your teeth and make you fat.



here a non-legalese version of fair use

and the DMCA safe harbor provisions

Give me a break, Derek you admit to providing this guy with the material he uses in the review.


Yeah and? It was supposed to be a review - not an attack piece for a game which, for all intent and purposes, he couldn’t have played for more than an hour.

OK, your point was?

ps: Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking this debate because it opens up avenues for a really good discussion. But if you bastards gang up on me, I’m goin to freak. Remember, its Friday and I have nothing to lose. :D :D (Ecks vs Sever opens today!!).

By the way derek, the letter you pointed out?

The material is still on the site. Why? Because it is not breaking any law and that lawyer and paramount are no better than you. Making threats with imaginary laws that have no legal backing.


Derek, is Brian Koontz your lawyer?

I know. And doesn’t that go back to what I said earlier about it probably not being legally enforceable etc etc.


I’m certain that if this review can be proven to be anything but, that it would be enforceable. I could care less - I just want to debate this.