I caught a real life fairy (or ghost) on my Ring camera

Watch the right side.
Do you know what it is?

I’ll post the one fuzzy frame that reveals it later (don’t spoil if you read the trash panda adventure thread) :p

Oh my goodness you were visited by a space amoeba.

Wait til you see the freeze frame I got out of it :)
Will post it tomorrow after more ruminations on what visited me this night.

If I HAD to guess, it’s an insect wreaking havoc on the camera’s ability to focus and capture motion, the wavy shape being indicative of wings moving. But do I want that? Hell, no - fairies, all the way!

What am I supposed to be looking for? The moth that flew up?

it’s a fairy.

You can get rid of them by setting a tooth down on masking tape, they get stuck, then you can squish it with toilet paper. If you’re lucky you’ll find $2-$4 once you wipe away the mess.

That’s clearly the ghost of a moth.

Still frame image :)

It’s obviously a Flying Night Crab.

Whatttt?! How many flying nightcrabs have such cute ears and eyes? The one’s I’ve seen have beedy looking eyeballs on stalks, and the fact they fly with their weird bony flipper legs always weirds me out. Nope, not a Flying Night Crab.

Look buddy, frops you know. But Flying Night Crabs? Not so much.

OK you go me there LOL.

Anyone figured it out? Not a moth, but 1 degree of Kevin Bacon and you’re there.

Looks like a leaf to me.

It’s Nandor

Bat!. (It’s a bug, probably a moth, with some overexposure and and frame skip.)

I was sure it was a bat. I don’t think it’s overexposure. It’s just a single frame from the ring camera in night mode since it was dark.

I for one welcome our new insect overlords



[accusatory voice] You used to listen to Art Bell, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

Yeah, maybe a bat, though it seems like an especially small one. (Which totally exist!) And I can’t say that I see any distinctively batty features, but maybe that’s my failure.

Hm. Also, it comes out of the brush, it seems like. I would expect a bat to swoop down from the open air. Not bash through bushes, or land and take off again.

What I’m curious about is the wispy thing that crosses the bottom of the shot a little bit after the big bright thing flies away… Is it the same critter, just not catching the light the same way?