I choose you, Pokemon in Minecraft!

That’s all of 1996’s Pokemon Red recreated in Minecraft. That’s not just the environments, or the characters, frozen in Minecraft like a blocky Madame Tussaud’s. As impressive as that would be, this is the full original Gameboy game faithfully (some would say obsessively) programmed into Minecraft with no mods used. That’s 357,000 command blocks stamped out over 21 months for Reddit user MrSquishy to make his mark in history. You can grab the map yourself to try out in Minecraft. The creator warns people that his Pokemon recreation requires a bit more resources than the normal Minecraft map, and there may be some bugs, although some are intentionally recreating glitches from the original handheld game.

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Tom and Nick, something weird is going on with the Qt3 RSS feed. It looks like the banner image that was used for the Kong podcast is getting applied to all subsequent articles. I’m seeing this in Feedly, so it could also be a Feedly bug.

That’s definitely not supposed to happen, but it is awesome looking.

I though it had been done on purpose for comedic effect