I did not want to clean my keyboard today!

I’m shaky from breathing treatments and went to pick up my can of ginger ale, and it slipped right out of my hand and flooded my keyboard. Was just about to enjoy a nice gaming session, instead I’m de-stickifying every key one by one. Arg!

Yes I’m taking a break lol.

You have my sympathies, truly. Been there, done that, though it was coffee once and imperial stout another time…

I remember seeing a Linus (Tech TV) video on cleaning the keyboard in the dishwasher. I was always afraid of trying it though.

The best way to clean a keyboard is… the DISHWASHER? - YouTube

I couldn’t figure out what/where this key went until everything else was in place, and I realized I’ve never used it before. What’s it for?

Opens the right mouse button menu.

This is why I got sealable water bottles for my PC area. Spilled some coffee and was SO LUCKY it didn’t get to any electronics.

Wow. Crazy I never knew that!

I’d hose it off in the shower, hope for the best. :)

I think I will do that too. I have to do 5 breathing treatments a day now, and since I do them at my computer I am at peak shakes around my system.

Oh yeah then it’s a very good idea.

Hmm something is messed up. I used to be able to use my cursor keys to scroll forums like this one up and down. Now that doesn’t work. Is there something on a keyboard that allows you to do that? Or something in Windows?

That is a bummer @jpinard. My worst keyboard cleaning experience so far has to be eating some bbq pork at my desk and being hit a sneezing attack with a mouthful of bbq. The monitor and keyboard both got hit.

I’m so sorry, but I laughed when I read that. The recreation my brain made up imagining that was quite hilarious.

Sorry to hear Jeff, how did you get rid of the sticky?

It was funny, but not a fun cleaning experience.

Cleaned each key one by one with rubbing alcohol and strips of paper towel. I dried out the rest of the keyboard with paper towel then used q-tips with rubbing alcohol to try and wipe out all the stickiness from the tray. Used an air blower to try and evaporate everything that was left. Took me 2 hours. Working so far!

I have been using this for years. Best 10 bucks I ever spent. I clipped it to my desk away from the computer and use a cover cup as well. But if it ever spills the drink goes on the floor not the desk.

Good for boardgames too depending if there is a lip beneath your table to block the clip.

Drink Clip LLC | Portable Cup Holder / Universal Cup Holders


Oh that looks amazing.

It’s fine you can inmerse kbs. Dishwasher detergent may be too strong thought.

Safest way is hosing it down. The real problem is drying it. If you don’t intend to take it apart to dry it will take a long time, days even a week.

It blows my mind this is a thing and won’t destroy a keyboard. Next you’re going to tell me the best way to clean my monitor is to take it through the car wash.