I did not want to clean my keyboard today!

This tool enlarges the orifices so the dirt can “sweat” out the panel safely.

Does it work on monitors too?

I design circuit boards for a living. When we build a prototype and hand assemble them, we’ll often wash off the solder flux by scrubbing them (gently) in a sink with soap. If they’re not powered it doesn’t hurt the electronics. (Caveat: there is the occasional component that is not washable.)

With a computer keyboard, my usual remedy would be to toss it in the trash and spend $15 on a new one.

use a better keyboard, you deserve it :)

Then I’d have to worry about spilling something on it!

The Cherry brown K710+ was a favourite of mine for many years, I bought a second one as a backup

My favorite mechanical keyboard is now on my work station for, well, work stuff computer, because I spilled stuff on it and at first could not get it to work again. Bought another mechanical keyboard, then figured out how to clean the first one. The one I use on my game machine is super fast, but terrible for typing because keys repeat way too quickly (good usually for game inputs though). The other one is much much better for typing though.

I really need to do a full clean of my keyboard. Not for spillage reasons, just years of accumulated gunk and dust that doesn’t come off with the regular blowing/dusting.

I’m with @Matt_W in that I would take this as a sign from above that I should purchase a new keyboard.

I’ve been purely laptop based for a while now. But I still have a working one of these.

Just this weekend, PInkerton the cockatoo popped one of the keys off my keyboard (he did it in a heartbeat - his beak is a multi-purpose-torque-tool - it has been years since this was an issue as I had trained him to stay away from the keyboard but he had mischief in his bird brain). However, it was just one key, the WIndows key.

However, when I went to pop the key back in, it wasn’t fitting quite right, so I ended up turning my keyboard upside down and shaking it out. Holy crap! There was so much gunk in there. Nut-crumbs (Pinkerton & Peanut are the guilty parties) plus I don’t know kinds of lint and other detritus (that’s on me I guess). Anyhow, with a good shaking and tilting, the are was sufficiently un-gunkified for the key to slot back in.

I do wonder what would happen if I popped off some other keys and looked under those…

Hell yes. Water goes into my Camelback eddy.

I feel like that needs an exclamation point.

Oh Nut-crumbs!

Oh hell yeah.

@espressojim , apply @RichVR 's image to a peanut, cashew or almond, and you get nut-crumbs. Or, nut-crumbs! if you prefer.

It’s just physics.

spare change? lol

I didn’t know that, either! TIL.

I don’t see any miscellaneous hairs in that!

Sold separately.