"I didn't kill my wife!" -- "I don't care!" - The pursuit of Danelo Cavalcante

Spoiler - He did kill her. However, he’s also still on the loose!

In case you haven’t been following, we’ve got a murderer on the loos here in Chester County, PA, though he could be in a different county by now since he managed to elude capture for ELEVEN days…

I’m sure the likes of @Timex @tylertoo and @lordkosc have been following since I think they’re all local enough to this…

How he escaped…

Most of the updates…

Dude was just rolling up and down the trails at Longwood Gardens for a few days on webcams. Good times. I know folks who live closer to where some of the sightings have been. It’s wild. I joked to my girlfriend because I accidentally left the front door open earlier today that he’s probably hanging out with my cat in the basement having some bananas and peaches. It’s no laughing matter of course, but yet it is…

They can’t catch this dude and he keeps showing up on video! I guess Person of Interest and the Mission Impossible films, Enemy of the State, etc. all got it wrong about how easy it is to use all these cams to catch Jason Bourne?

That’s because they forgot to yell out “zoom,and enhance”. You have to say those magic words before the surveillance cameras can magically find your quarry.

I’ve seen comments on some of the news articles that tell me the locals are NOT happy with the fact he’s still at large. Hard to say if he’s getting help but it sure seems like it.

Yes, a friend I went to high school with lives in that area. His property backs up to the woods where the killer has been seen. Fun stuff.

It always amazes me when dudes escape prison and then stay in the area. I know that’s how they get help, but if it were me, I’d figure out a way to get out of the country fast.

If you haven’t watched the video in @DaveLong’s first link, do so and watch Spiderman in action!

No one’s happy about it, of course, but the Keystone Kops Show that’s been going on around catching the guy has everyone entertained. Memes about him throwing out the first pitch at the Phillies game on Sunday, going to be an honorary captain for the Eagles to call the toss yesterday, working the late shift at a Wawa, delivering people’s milk from the Dairy where he stole the truck from… good times.

I’m just a few hours West in rural Maryland and concerned as hell. In fact, we had a State Trooper chopper searching low in our immediate area on Saturday and he was my first thought. Turns out, it was a search for another degenerate.

I saw it over the weekend. Crab Man!

Lol at all of those. Around here we’ve had a few escapees, they tend to be dumb as hell though and get caught. This guy apparently was going through several neighborhoods, you’d think he would get caught doing that with all the webcams we have these days.

The insane thing is another guy escaped EXACTLY THE SAME WAY back in May and they didn’t do anything to prevent it happening again!

At this point I figure this guy has taken to the road in another vehicle. I’d be surprised if he’s still close by. When he was in Longwood, the terrain was such that he could hide much more easily. Sure, there’s plenty of terrain like that all over the State of PA, but he’s gotta be feeling the heat a little by now locally.

Update coming at 2PM today.

I can think of one guy who’s probably happy about it.

Wawa! I wish I could go to a Wawa.

LOL! Yeah, one dude’s pretty much ecstatic atm I imagine.

Wawa is one of PA’s greatest exports, along with Sheetz to be fair.

I read an article about this recently that described a homeowner waking up to the sound of someone in his kitchen. He whispers to his wife, creeps out into the upstairs hallway, and checks the kids. Wondering what to do next, he flicks the lights on and off to let the intruder know someone in the house is awake. After a harrowing moment, the intruder flashes the lights back. WTF, if that happened to me I would totally poop my pants. The intruder stole some small food items and escaped into the woods. The homeowner said he was 99% certain Cavalcante was the intruder.

Yeah, that was one of the first nights he was on the loose. That story is completely nuts.

Yeah, I read that. Chilling.

… Me walking back in the bedroom and locking the door and telling my wife, “either Satan is in our kitchen or its a killer not afraid of me. Good luck, you’re on your own, I’m out.” Then I’d jump out the window.

Which is more manly: pooping your pants or jumping out the window? No, wait. Don’t answer that. I already know my choice.

This news cycle reminds me of local reporting on a curious bear that was visiting a bunch of houses.

(I would poop myself and jump out the window for either a bear or a criminal.)

Now he has a machine gun, Ho, Ho, Ho?

I had to drive to Reading today on 422 which is not far from the road he’s been seen on. Business as usual along there. He’s not far from French Creek State Park. It’s definitely rough terrain around there. If he has food, he’ll have time and lots of cover.