I do not like this at all. Not at all

I love Bethsoft. I am a huge Bethsoft fanboy and have eveything they ever released. I was a beta tester for Daggerfall and have thousands of hours in their games. But… with the deluge of problems in Oblivion, Bethsoft is forging ahead - not with patches to balance the game, fix gameplay issues, fix the multuituxe of problems… but with microtransactions. https://obliviondownloads.com/StoreCatalog_ProductList.aspx?SubCategoryId=1

They have a team of people working on these already - when they should have every last scrap of person they have working on the game itself. Todd Howard - I love your company and always will. But I do not like what you’re doing with Oblivion. Before, you could do no wrong… but not so anymore. You would have been smart to not release this stuff until you’d fixed up the game (even if it was done already). What irks me most is development resources going into these payed extras instead of where its needed. I have a terrible feeling about gaming’s future with microtransactions. A very bad feeling…


Come on, don’t you think they can make a patch and make a wizard’s tower at the same time? It’s not a tiny little company with two guys working out of a garage.

No, no, I definitely think that all of Bethsoft’s artists, writers and audio guys should stand there all day with a cup of coffee looking over the shoulders of the programmers while they come up with a patch. Maybe they could contract Jeremy Soule to come in and hang out while they work on it too.

If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for them.

Or you could look at it as a justification of withholding certain game assets for a new post-sale revenue stream. Single-player games are sold once, then generate no more revenue for the dev/pub. Now, a re-sold game can generate revenue from a secondary holder or even a borrower, since 360 content is not portable from system to system.

Wave of the future, the bare-bones retail SKU, followed by offers to buy the rest of the game.

It’s simply not realistic to put everyone on project as the others have satirically stated above. I’m sure while the appropriate, proper coders, artists and other team members are working on fixes, a separate team is dedicated to microtransactions. That’s just good common sense.

We’d often get questions like this all the time when I was at Playnet. How can you put in X or Y vehicle or Z gun when the collider doesn’t work with Building A? Uh well because the two are unrelated in nearly every way?

— Alan

As much as people hate this Pay for content, if it becomes the norm, they will only have themselves to blame.

For buying it, or for engaging in used game sales?

Shouldn’t they be working on Fallout 3 instead of Barbie Pony Dressup mods for Oblivion?

Screw Fallout, someone (someone good, mind you) needs to do a new Ultima game.

Screw this business model. Screw it and the 360 marketplace.

Imagine buying Total Annihilation and then every week Cavedog puts out a new unit - and charges $2.50 for it. And you can’t be competitive if you don’t have it and you play someone who does.

Vote with your money, and say no.

I don’t care one way or another. I’m not going to be buying a couple of pieces of armour for $2+ CDN. That’s 1/10 of the price of a bargain game. I’ll look at each one as they go and see if anything appeals to me or would be of any use in the game. If not, oh well.

Makes sense that they are releasing them asap, though. With the number of mods that are popping up already, they have to keep pace or no one will even notice their efforts beyond complaining about them. It’s unfortunate, though, that their first attempts are rather dull considering that fan mods can be quite useful.

Bethesda has the license for Fallout 3 not for Ultima. Now stop trying to thread-jack.

Slink back into your cave, Kunicos, someone needs to do something NEW AND ORIGINAL.

Don’t forget: VISCERAL and INNOVATIVE.

Compelling and immersive.

Ultima without Garriott ain’t Ultima so I don’t really care if someone else revives the franchise.

Have you tried Lazarus yet? It may change your mind.

Nah, I should try it.

For buying it. If few people buy it, then it will be a failed marketing attempt. If people buy enough to make it profitable, then why not do it again on a bigger scale? The consumer is sovern.

People bitch about mindless games like EQ and ask why there are 10 other MMOGS as mindless as EQ? Its because EQ had 450k subscribers. Why are there shitty movies like Dr. Dolittle 2 and Big Mama’s house 2? Because people watch them.

Gotcha. Agreed.