I do not like this at all. Not at all

Imagine buying Starcraft and then for a long time Blizzard doesn’t add any new units to it. You get the occasional bug fix and balance tweak but absolutely no free new content. Then months later they release an expansion with a handful of new units for a cost of $30 (or was it higher?) that you need to continue to be competitive.

How are you supposed to know if all the content from the expansion was originally slated for the basic game? It sets a bad precedent and I’d certainly feel cheated.

Eh? That’s what they did, and it was fine. They released the game, patched it awhile, then released an expansion with some new units. Then they patched some more. What’s the problem?

People have been complaining about this for years though. I was hearing this kind of griping when the Quake 3 expansion came out. “WTF, it’s a simple gametype and I have to pay 40 bucks for it? That shit should’ve been in the game!” etc.

I just don’t see it taking off. Episodic content is one thing, nickel and diming people is altogether another. On Live, can’t you buy things with points you’ve acquired through playing? (I heard this from a friend; if it’s inaccurate you can ignore the following). If that’s the case, then random crap for this many points or that many points makes sense, because people don’t actually have to pay.

I wonder, though, if MS is just conditioning a new generation of gamers. I mean, when I was a kid, it was all “Hey mom, I want a chocolate bar”, and nowadays, it’ll be “Hey mom, I want my horse armor”. Might work.

Dunno though, my dollar only goes to something if I think I’m getting a reasonable return for it.

I had that impression too, that you can buy things with points you win. But actually the points you buy and the points you win in games are completely separate. The points you win don’t do anything except look pretty.

Well, good to know. I will correct the fools I call friends.

Nothing. I just didn’t get the relevance of the TA analogy. I also find it amusing how much doom and gloom people are predicting from a stupid horse armor mod.

How cool would it be to place high in some weekend tourament on Live and bring home some 5 bucks in Xbox points. It would be SUPER cool that’s what.

I’m ALL for added content. When Bethesda announced this sort of thing I thought they were going to release expansion mini-packs with new dungeons and quests. More hours of play with a price range between 5-15$.

I’m more than GLAD to give them money. Lots of money. As much as they can make content because I could continue to buy stuff for this game just FOREVER.

Instead this is just BULLSHIT.

This isn’t “content”, this is a joke.

Btw, this is going to be warezed in a silly way. And it won’t be easy to justify a legit purchase.

For months after TA (best rts evar) came out, Cavedog released a new unit every couple of weeks - FREE. They weren’t just eye candy either, they made a very real difference in multiplayer battles. The fact that people still fondly remember 8-9 years later (omg has it been that long?!) how great this trickle of good free additional material was is a testament to just how well it was done. They did release a $30 expansion later too, and then added more units to that too. They were just awesome. Sorry you missed it, really.

This is why people have such a wicked boner for Supreme Commander - because we all loved the hell out of TA and also how they treated us post-release.

I don’t even own oblivion and I think this is a pretty crappy idea. When I first read about it, I thought it was only for xbox 360 users. But charging pc gamers for what is a simple mod sucks.

I think that the main issue here is that the first foray into this area for Oblivion was Horse Armour. I wonder what the reaction would have been if they had done the Horse Armour third and the “adventure areas” first and second. Thoughts on that?

Oblivion is moddable, no? I wouldn’t be surprised to see suspiciously similar looking mods show up before long.

  • Alan

Yeah, except, only bethesda mods can have new models. The tower thing, was done a few days before they annouced the official one.

$2 for a piece of armor? In NWN DD you at least get an adventure for $5.

I think there are two camps of people against this whole thing:

  1. People who think horse armor isn’t worth $2-$2.50
  2. People who are morally against paying for official mods (but throwing a bunch of mods together and calling them an “expansion” is A-ok)

The first group will come around when they start seeing mods they find to be better values. I think most of the 2nd group will come around eventually (look at how many people were totally against the idea of paying monthly fees for games but ended up playing WoW), but it might take a while.

I agree that there’s nothing wrong with paying for extra content but

mind you some of us have not “come around” to getting ripped off.

I’d buy aard vetooch size dungeons. But aard vetooch (mw mod) is 100 levels deep, and they’d want like $2500 for that I guess.

I’d drop $50 for a new province though :D.

Seriously, bioware style 5-10 sets of quests with a bit of new land opened up? Hell yes they can have $5 for that. But that isnt horse clothes.

Can you verify this? I thought it worked like Morrowind where there was some sort of 3DStudio plugin (after all the Soul Blade I had in Morrowind definitely wasn’t just a retexture). This is really insane if it’s true.

I don’t see why people really think that these things weren’t already half done at the release of the game. I mean, the door to the Orrery door is already in the game and the Orrery is referenced by dialogue.

You could import new models in Morrowind, but you can’t with Oblivion. At least not yet, they’ve said that they’re working on it.

Besides. An expansion redoing Morrowind would be totally cool. But it won’t happen, I guess.

(even if the isle of Morrowind is smaller compared to the area of the new province if you look at the map of the coll edition)