I don't feel so good

I’m getting married in 8 days and I think I’m having a nervous breakdown. What did you guys do to cope with the jitters?


Nothing. I didn’t get them really bad until the day of the ceremony and relied on my best man not to let me run off to Venezuela.

You could throw yourself into last minute wedding details. It won’t cure the jitters, but it might redirect your anxiety a little.


Nothing. I had no jitters. Since I knew I was marrying the right woman, it was perfect bliss.

I was really happy all the way up to the wedding moment. I had jitters that morning, but it was more of a “let’s do this thing” than a “what am I doing?” sort of feeling.

Remember, the marriage is far more important than the wedding day.

Well, I’m marrying the right woman as well, just very nervous for some reason.

Oh, just remembered you’re posting from 'Bama. Is there a shotgun involved McMaster?

Hehe, no. I wanted one, but the soon to be Mrs. McMaster wouldn’t let me have anyone cocking a loaded weapon at the procession.

My jitters are 100% lets get this done. I know I’m doing the right thing, just kinda tense and want it to be over with.

I see a few possible reasons for nervousness:

  1. Fear of losing your freedom
  2. Fear that you aren’t up to a committment this big
  3. Fear that you’re settling for someone less than perfectly matched
  4. Fear that the relationship will change after vows are exchanged

Jitters are the product of psychological states operating below the level of conscious thought. Force yourself to examine the possible causes with absolute honesty. Once you understand why you’re nervous, you’ll cope far better.

Go distract yourself by upgrading your PC and buying all the consumer electronics now that will soon have to pass through the Spousal Purchasing Approval Filter.

I did that last month. I bought a p4 2.8 northwood, a intel cantewood 875p board and earlier this year I bought a radeon 9800 pro.

I think I may be nervous because I didn’t have anything to do with the wedding until recently, and now I have to do a shitload of stuff all of the sudden.

No marriage, no jitters.

That would definitely bring the reality of your impending nuptials home to you, and probably triggered your anxiety. Triggering is not the same thing as causing, however. I still think you’re afraid of something about being married, but the fear is deeply buried and you’re not able to consciously label it.

Note: this does not mean that I think you should call the marriage off! It simply means a bit of focused introspection is in order.

It’ll work out fine, Jason, don’t worry.

Speaking of Alabama, I just saw the Chinpokomon episode of South Park, where they also create the toy “Alabama Man”:

Announcer: Hey, kids. Do you like Chinpokomon?
Boys: Yeah!
Announcer: Well then, you’re gonna love… Alabama Man!
Singer: Alabama Man! He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s happ’nin’
Announcer: You can take Alabama Man to the bowling alley, where he drinks heavily and chews tobacco.
Boy 1: [watching Alabama Man swing a bowling ball] Wow! He can bowl.
Singer: He can bowl, he can drink, he can drink and bowl. Alaba-ma Man.
Announcer: When his wife asks him where he’s been, just use the action button, and Alabama Man busts her lip open.
Boy 1: Shut up, bitch! [has Alabama Man knock his wife down]
Boy 2: Wow!
Singer: He beat the wife and sleeps it off. Alabama Man!
Boys 1 & 2: I wanna be just like Alabama man.
Announcer: Alabama Man comes with everything you see here. Wife sold separately.
Boy 2: I thought I told you to shut up! [has Alabama Man knock his wife down with a backhand]
Announcer (disclaimer voice): [size=2]Not all people from Alabama are wife-beaters[/size]

It just occured to me that a marriage-related thread might not be the best place for that particular quote…

HAH! Yeah, I’ve seen that one. Which of course furthers a large portion of the world’s belief that Alabama is a black hole of horror and ignorance. I live in Birmingham, sheltered from the horror. It’s not so bad in Alabama, well, not in the city at least.

Ug, I could go on and on, but that is a great episode.

Since it’s 'Bama, shouldn’t you ask if there’s a cousin involved? :wink:

I really scared. Did you memorize that?

Bill Gates is a Democrat, ya know.

That’ll be directly after. [rimshot]

My wife and I were sooooooo happy to have the damn wedding planning coming to an end that we could not wait to get to the wedding. 8 days…wow, time flies.

No, but I probably could. I’m pretty good at memorizing quotes.