I don't feel so good

Maybe Gay?



My wife and I just decided to run down to the courthouse and get it done with. It was much easier (and less expensive!). I don’t remember being nervous about it really. Of course, we were already living together, and we were about to buy a new house, etc. So I kind of already felt married. I guess I never had that things-will-change moment like you are having. That can make you nervous, even if you think it is for the best.

I am a cheap bastard so my biggest motivation was thinking about how much I was going to save driving her to and from her house every night.

Defacto for 12 years so far- I’m still waiting for enough whitegoods to give out so that I can make a killing with the wedding presents.

Jason, turn and run as far and as fast as you can! DON’T DO IT! You are right to be scared! These men are all married and want to share their misery with you!

I am the only married one who isn’t scared to speak up against THEM. They will take your soul away. It never ends. The HORROR!

Seriously, wait until you have no other options, then get married. :twisted:

Having seen too many friends enter marriages that we all knew were doomed from the start, I now take a page from the fine fim “She’s Having a Baby.” I find the groom the morning of the wedding, and I tell him that if he really feels like this is a mistake, say the word and we are gone. I tell him that I will hide him somewhere, and stay with him while we ride out the storm of criticism. Better to take the heat of a jilting than to enter a soon-to-fail marriage.

If your feelings are “let’s get this done,” then it sounds like you are making the right decision. Now we need the “When Harry Met Sally” quote: “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible.”

Get married when you’re young and stupid so you can get used to living with someone, drastically change your lifestyle, and learn the art of compromise. If you don’t learn and adapt to these things when you’re young, it’s very difficult to do when you’re older and set in your ways.

I just got married last Saturday in a fairly big ceremony and reception, and I was also scared as hell the two days preceding. Especially during the rehearsal, which was a bit of a nightmare – long, dull, and complete with a minister who somehow morphed from Mr. Easygoing to Mr. You’ve Got To Get Everything Right, Dammit! I also had the “let’s get on with it” attitude, largely because we’ve been planning this thing for a year now. But the day itself was fantastic, and every day since has been great, too. Let yourself be scared. Try to enjoy the nervous rush and it’ll turn into nervous excitement. Whatever you do, don’t try to avoid these feelings. They’re natural, so just give in and enjoy the ride. I’d say good luck, too, but I really don’t think you’ll need it. You’ll have a great time.

My pre-marriage plans were easy - I didn’t do anything. My wife and her parents planned and organised everything. I simply had to turn up on the day.

But the day itself was very nerve-wracking especially considering the marriage ceremony was in a foreign language and I didn’t understand a word that was spoken.

Hey, congrats Brett! A year in the planning, eh? I remember you getting engaged, what? 3 years ago? ;-)

Just remember to insert the phrase “Man is the Master” in her vows. :wink:

Hey Jason, I got married last month, and I was pretty nervous the week or two beforehand. A couple of terrific anxiety dreams kept me sleepless as well. My source of nervousness was a.) having a shitload to do, and b.) hoping that all the shit we were doing was going to produce a day that all our guests enjoyed. I was terrified that everyone was going to be bored (one of my dreams had the entire crowd go into my house and watch TV because they were bored!).

As it turned out, the day was terrific. We got as much stuff as we could done before the ceremony, and we figured we were as ready as we were ever going to be. And I never had to worry about people being bored because everyone came with such a terrific attitude that it was easy to get the music going and get everyone up dancing during the reception. It was a great day.

Doesn’t hurt that I like my girl a lot of course. Being nervous is cool, it happens. You’ll laugh in 2 weeks when you’re saying to your wife, “Geesh, it all went by so fast.”

Thanks for all the advice and comments guys. I’m still a little nervous, but feeling better. Other than this damned cold…

What? The minister spoke English instead of Aussie?

Think of it this way, if you were Chinese, not only would you have to be nervous, your family would also be paying for everything.

What? The minister spoke English instead of Aussie?[/quote]

No - Japanese. :wink:

I’m, uh, riding my bike to work.

I’m too young for this thread, me thinks.

Nine holes on the morning of the wedding. I was so pissed at my shots on the 7th that everything else the rest of the day was cake.

The minister and I watched a football game until the ceremony. I wasn’t particularly jittery, but hanging out with him took my mind off of things.

Look forward to the reception. And the wedding gifts.

We had planned to do a small but traditional ceremony with various family members, a real building of some sort, etc. but when all the relatives began to snipe at each other and pull the “I won’t go if so and so is there” stuff we said hell with it and went down to the little river near here with the JP and got married on a beautfiul spring morning, just us and the justice.